Bevlyn’s thoughts: Loving You

When I first walked into the ballroom, I was very welcomed by the refreshingly colourful decoration of white and blue balloons. The even more amazing thing was, there were matching blue table napkins!

While Mandy and her father marched-in to the band’s performance of ‘Lover’s Concerto‘, John waited impatiently at the end of the aisle, which was where Mandy’s father eventually gave her hand over to John.

The solemnisation and worship took place soon after, with the couple’s dearest to witness the union.

The feast started about an hour later, which was when the band started its first set of performance. I helped Mandy to dedicate the first song “妈妈我爱你” to their parents, for their unconditional love.

The 2nd march-in was a bomb. The male emcee, Victor, ‘sabo-ed’ the couple to ‘salsa-in‘. Though that sounded scary at first listen, Victor knew better, because he is actually John’s dancing coach! The couple gamely did an excellent salsa dance, much to everyone’s delight!

The speech was certainly one highlight for the whole event. John’s romantic streak was hard to conceal during the speech. He thanked Mandy’s parents for his wife, because Mandy really is his ‘sunshine’. John then spontaneously broke into this song to truly convey the message across:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

To people who had asked him why he loves Mandy, John recounted his experience of asking Mandy out for a second date: Mandy cut him short and asked him to stop saying ‘poetry’ to her. Yet when John started talking to her like normal people do after that episode, Mandy complained. At that point, John instantly recited a poem, looking into her eyes without a flicker. He even said ‘I love you’ in English, Japanese, Korean, Malay, French, and Mandarin (and goodness knows what I missed out).

That just might hold the record for the longest serenade I have ever witnessed. And it did not end there. John proceeded to break into the song Loving You‘:

No one else can make me feel the colors that you bring
Stay with me while we grow old and we will live each day in springtime
Cause lovin’ you has made my life so beautiful
And every day my life…

He then trailed off and signaled to Mandy to sing the song’s signature whistling tone. When Mandy protested, he retorted in jest, “You like to sing that part right?

I think being able to be yourselves on your big day is very important! 😀

The couple also took the initiative to dedicate some songs with the help of the band:

All My Life from Mandy to John
When You Say You Love Me to Lord Jesus Christ
Friends to all their friends.

Thank you John and Mandy, both Ein Ein and I had a smashing time attending and performing at your wedding. All the best!


L-R: Ein, John, Mandy, Bevlyn. We look like dwarves standing next to them 🙂

Band: Bevlyn and Ein Ein


Lover’s Concerto, 妈妈我爱你 (Mommy, I Love You), All My Life, What A Difference A Day Made, You’re The Sunshine Of My Life, L-O-V-E, There’s A Kind Of Hush, Come Away With Me, Close To You, You Belong To Me, Everything, Better Together

When You Say You Love Me, Friends, Quando Quando Quando, You And Me Song, I’m Yours, Grow Old With You, It Had To Be You, Unforgettable, Just The Way You Are, La Vie En Rose