Shoujie’s thoughts: Surprise!

Violin and guitar surprise wedding gifts are turning out to be quite enjoyable indeed. This lunchtime solemnization at the Amara turned out to be a simple but celebratory affair. There was a sense of straightforward elegance in the whole arrangement: the ceremony was a short one, and the guests seemed to be only the closest family and friends. But the small gathering made everything much more intimate, from the quiet hush of the guests when the solemniser was speaking, to the little boy in his smart bowtie and vest, to the warm greetings and congratulations at the door from aunts to their happy niece.

For Feri and I, it was fun just being part of such a quiet little event, when we did not have to fill up a whole ballroom with our sound, and could play around with a quainter sound without feeling too conspicuous. Swing numbers like Fly Me To The Moon and L-O-V-E were kept light and bubbly, while we took the liberty to infuse a bit of Latin styling into the boyband ballad Every Day I Love You.

It was encouraging too to receive applause from guests as it felt more personal. We both left afterward with a feeling of fuzzy goodness which, at least for me, carried on through the rest of the day.

Band: Shoujie, Feri

L-R: Sam, Nelly, Shoujie, Feri

Can’t Help Falling In Love (1st March-in), Fly Me To The Moon, Because You Loved Me, Every Day I Love You, Grow Old With You, Love Me Tender, L-O-V-E, The Way You Look Tonight, Wonderful Tonight

Compliments from Nelly:

Hi A Little Dream,

Thanks for making our ROM ceremony a memorable one. Was very touched when my aunt told me that she will be giving me a surprise on my ROM. But never had a thought that she had arranged a live band. It a big gift to us!

Special thanks to Shoujie and Feri, you had made our simple ceremony a warm and touching one.
Remembered a few songs that you had played, “Wonderful Tonight” and the march-in song “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, really very touching moments. These are the songs I can’t forget.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,
Nelly & Sam
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