Jeremy’s Thoughts: So you think you can dance??

Capella. One of the best hotels I’ve seen so far, just oozes class all over. Very nice. The perfect setting for a perfect wedding for James and Jenny.

It’s not often that you see the whole VIP table empty, that’s because the parents, siblings, best “men” (there were 2!) and bridesmaids led the way during the march in before the couple finally came into the ballroom!

It’s also not often that u remember the speeches made by the couple but what these few words james mentioned really etched into my mind, goes along the lines whereby ” although life is uncertain but I’ve never felt more certain about making you my wife.” Lucky Jenny!

Finally one of the highlights – when Bevlyn was singing just the way you are (nope not the bruno mars one), one of James’ church mates got the couple to get up to dance. A romantic sight indeed as they held each other in their arms, enjoying the moment. This got better as they were joined by the best “men” and bridesmaid. Soon more and more couples came up. Wow! What a night of romance. Real rare to see so many couples dancing on stage to the music. You can practically feel the love in the air.

Band: Bevlyn, Jeremy, Mei Sheum and Boon Chye


The Wedding (Ave Maria) (1st March-in), Nothing’s Gonna Change, I Do (Cherish You), 1,2,3,4, My Destiny, The Gift, Always, Endless Love, Everything, It Might Be You, From This Moment On, I’m Yours, Faithfully, Everlasting Love, Fly Me To The Moon, Just The Way You Are, Collide, I Wanna Be With You, 约定 (The Promise), 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), 男人女人 (Man And Woman)