Bevlyn’s thoughts: Greatest Day

Justin counts as one of the nicest grooms I have ever encountered in my years of wedding-singing. I cannot help but be impressed by his sincerity and thoughtfulness. Hence, I could easily understand why many people were happy to attend their wedding lunch on a Wednesday afternoon!
As requested by the couple, we performed Greatest Day (by Take That) for the 1st march-in. Fantastic lyrics:

Today this could be
The greatest day of our lives.
Before it all ends
Before we run out of time
Stay close to me.
Stay close to me
Watch the world come alive tonight
Stay close to me

Megan and Justin finished their 10-year dating marathon, and finally tied the knots on 18 Nov 09 @ Capella. The affable Justin took the stage himself to address the guests after the 1st march-in, and introduced a travel montage which they put together. “Not to show you a travel documentary, but to share with you the happy moments we had when we travelled, and also to show you how happy we really were when we were together”And, not forgetting the real wedding cake which they ordered specially for this celebration…

And the couple’s friends presented a cute caricature of the couple with a travel theme as a surprise gift for them:Photobucket

Incidentally, the day was also the birthday of Justin’s mother. So the band was more than happy to sing a Happy Birthday song for her when the cake was presented to the guests!

I asked Justin later why he wanted to have a wedding lunch on a Wednesday afternoon, he replied that he had loved for the guests to enjoy the scenic view one can see from the huge window panel. Indeed, the band was so attracted to the swimming pool we regretted not bringing our swimming barangs along… (just kidding):

The band doing a rehearsal and soundcheck:


Our first time dining at The Knolls at Capella. All thanks to Justin and Megan for this sumptuous meal before our performance:


Congratulations to the lovely couple!!! May you have many bountiful babies soon!


L-R: Bevlyn, Megan, Justin, Ein Ein, Clarence





Check out these beautiful photos by Eng Hong of 39 East (as with the band photos above)! Our tie-up promotions here.



Band: Bevlyn, Ein Ein & Clarence



Greatest Day (1st march-in), Time Of My Life (1st dish), Fallen, That’s When I Love You, Lover’s Concerto, 恋之憩 (Harbour of Love), 甜蜜蜜 (Sweetness), If You Could See What I See, When You Say Nothing At All, Grow Old With You, Inside Your Heaven, 勇氣 (Courage), That’s What Friends Are For, On The Side Of Me, That’s Amour, Everything, 爱很简单 (Love is Simple), 我只在乎你 (You’re the One that I Care), I’m Yours, A Moment Like This, I Knew I Love You Before I Met You, Love Is All Around

Compliments from Justin & Megan:

Dear Bevlyn, Ein Ein and Clarence,

Megan and I would just like to drop you A Little Note (pardon the pun!) to thank you for putting up such a fantastic performance at our wedding lunch yesterday!!

Our guests really loved your performance and Bevlyn’s lovely singing – there were so many compliments that we don’t know how to start relaying them to you. The oldies really loved the Deng Lijun songs and the ‘not-too-old’ ones loved everything from “If You Could What I see” to “爱很简单” to “恋之憩(which sounded really beautiful ‘live’ – it’s an all-time favourite of our not-too-young friends). We loved all the songs (and it’s not just cos’ we chose them!) – including the birthday rendition for my mum.

We very much enjoyed the wedding and hope you did too – your performance created such a warm and touching atmosphere that we couldn’t have asked for more. Once again, our sincere appreciation for all your help – not just on the actual day, but the days/weeks of preparations and ding-dong emails leading up to it as well!!

Warmest regards,
Justin & Megan