Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Better Together

It was my first performance at Capella and my heart couldn’t help but beat a little faster as I arrived at the beautiful grounds of the hotel. And course I couldn’t resist going for a short walk (after we have done all the sound checks), taking in the sights and beautiful views.



The highlight of evening has to be Wei Ling and Victor’s thank you speech, which i thought was candid, witty and downright heartfelt and sincere. My heart swelled when Wei Ling said she never thought she would be able to meet someone like Victor, while Victor peppered his speech with humorous anecdotes that had all the guests laughing.  We are really glad to perform at this joyous union of two such loving individuals.

Here’s their love story, all thanks to a box of jelly hearts 🙂

Wei Ling:   My cousin-in-law decided to take things into her own hands.  She gave Victor my number and he smsed me to wish me Happy New Year and cracked a few jokes.  He asked me out.  Even though I wasn’t feeling well that day, you could say we felt comfortable with each other from the start, when we are with each other.  There was one day I was in a cab heading home after dinner.  Victor asked me to go to Marina Square to meet him instead.  And to my surprise I did even though I was originally heading home.  He gave me a box of jelly hearts that night.

Victor:  I knew it when Wei Ling was always in my thoughts.  When my colleague asked who wants to buy jelly hearts, I naturally thought of her!  This was confirmed by my friends and colleagues, who said I am always grinning after receiving her smses!

Our warmest congratulations to Wei Ling and Victor. May your live be filled with constant laughter and happiness!

Band: Hui Bing, Jixiang, Melvin, Fabian

L-R: Fabian, Ji Xiang, Victor, Weiling, Hui Bing, Melvin


Fallen (1st March-in), Better Together, Bubbly, Every Day I Love You, Everything, Everlasting Love, Overjoyed, Just The Way You Are, Fly Me to the Moon, Dream a Little Dream, Let’s Stay Together

She (2nd march in), , You To Me Are Everything, You Are So Beautiful, I Wanna Make It With You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Let There Be Love, Sway, All I ask of you, 我只在乎你, 喜欢你, Beautiful Love

Compliments from Wei Ling and Victor:

Hi Bevlyn,

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Huibing and the band for their performance that evening.

I have a friend who is also considering engaging a Little Dream for her wedding later this year and she said that Huibing has a beautiful voice. Huibing was a terrific mandarin emcee (I thought the introduction she and our friend delivered together before our first march-in was great). She also sang our march-in songs beautifully.

Thanks for wonderful evening.

Wei Ling