Thank you Tommy & Gab for engaging Bevlyn (vocals & emcee) and Matthew (piano) to be their live band! They requested for quite a few French songs for their guests from Quebec, and Bevlyn even emceed a little in French!

Congratulations to the 2 of them on this new journey together! 🙂


March In Song – Can you feel the love tonight (Elton john) 
  1. La Vie En Rose (French)
  2. For Me Formidable (French)
  3. Les Champs Elysees (French)
  4. La Mer (French)
  5. Sympathique (French)
  6. Les Yeux Ouverts (French)
  7. The Way You Look Tonight 
  8. Moon River
  9. Fly Me To The Moon 
  10. At The Beginning 
  11. 恋之栖

They even had a dance floor to celebrate!!