Zheng Quan’s Thoughts: Let There Be Love

It was Choon Leng and Huey Fang’s wedding banquet at Changi Village Hotel. Feri and I soon arrived at the hotel. We met our other band member, Ein Ein at the lobby with perfect timing and headed on to the ballroom to set up our equipments.
The night’s programme was almost typical of a wedding banquet; 1st Montage, 1st March-in & Cake cutting, 1st dish presentation, 2nd Montage, 2nd March-in & Champagne pouring and toasting, but Choon Leng and Huey Fang had decided to do without a closing speech.

Apart from being the only vocalist for that night, I was also appointed as the host. Although it was not my 1st time hosting a banquet, I couldn’t help but feel nervous at the beginning. It was not until during my favorite  “Yum Seng” part, that I felt totally loosened up.

At the final toast, just as everyone was holding up their drinks to yell out “Yum Seng”, I pointed the microphone at the widely opened mouth of a boy at the table just infront of me, whose yelling voice was half-cracking. Everyone around him yukked it up at his effort and theirs alike.
Perhaps after the final toast, Choon Leng and Huey Fang’s best mates’ request for the couple to lock their lips on stage for everyone present was meant as a reward for all their efforts put in through out the wedding day. Or perhaps their real intention was to tease the couple. Rather, I must confess that I was the real teaser. I suggested that Choon Leng and Huey Fang continue kissing for a full 100 seconds and everyone applauded  without hesitation.

Well, the couple could have obediently continued locking their lips for the demanded time set by myself had I not stopped them after about 30+ seconds long! I think I must have felt bad, so that I suggested to the guests that the couple finish up with a 10 second-long kiss instead.

Everyone in the ballroom was eagerly counting down with me again, and this time even louder than before. After satisfying their friends’ wish, the couple returned to their table, while the band continued with their 2nd set of performance.
I was really glad we had a good sound system, specially set up for the band that night. It is all a musician could ask for, so that he can perform at his best for his audience. We enjoyed very much performing that night! Thanks to Choon Leng and Huey Fang who understand that their guests deserve nothing less than excellent food and great quality live music!

The guests were extremely appreciative too by giving the band applauses to all the songs performed. Great selection of songs by the couple also contributed to the night’s success. The oldies were especially well received. All in all, everyone had a great time celebrating the occasion.

Band: Zheng Quan, Ein Ein & Feri

L-R: Ein Ein, Feri

Zheng Quan

L-R: Feri, Zheng Quan, Choon Leng, Huey Fang & Ein Ein

Thank you so much to Melvin Ho for sending us his photographs!


From This Moment (1st March-in), L-O-V-E, Let There Be Love, When I Fall In Love, Unforgettable, Quizas Quizas Quizas, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, What A Wonderful World

Lovers’ Concerto (2nd March-in), Can’t Help Falling In Love, You’re The Inspiration, My Heart Belongs To You, My Love Will Get You Home, Longer, Close To You, Honey Honey, Perhaps Love, Only You, Fly Me To The Moon, I Will Follow Him, You Are So Beautiful, Love Me Tender, Beautiful In My Eyes