Junxiong’s thoughts: Grow Old With You

Ronnie and Chrisletts’s wedding is a really unique one to me as it comprises some traditional Filipino customs. One unforgettable practice is that whenever the guests strike their wine glasses with their cutlery, the groom gotta kiss the bride immediately till the guests are appeased!!! I would strongly suggest such a practice to be adopted into the Singapore wedding customs.. haa 🙂

Another unique feature seen in Ronnie & Chrislette’s wedding ceremony is that there are undoubtedly lots of interaction with their wedding guests and friends. The couple has specially prepared a whole list of singles’ matching games for all the bachelors and bachelorettes to allow all guests to share in their joy! And I am sure all the matching games’ participants have pleasant and wonderful memories in that afternoon.

One other exceptional moment that touches me was when Chrislette’s father is doing the waltz dance with her and impromptu handed her over to Ronnie to continue with the dance, signifying that Chrislette is now fully entrusted to Ronnie from then onwards… how sweet and loving!

Ronnie and Chrislette, thank you for engaging us on your wedding to share with you all the joy and happiness. We sincerely wish you a blissful marriage with many wonderful and unforgettable years ahead!

Band: Jun Xiong, Ein Ein


Fly Me To The Moon (First March-in), L-O-V-E (1st course presentation), Sway, Just The Way You Are, Sometimes When We Touch, You Are So Beautiful To Me, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Grow Old With You, Love Will Keep Us Alive, I’m Yours, Longer