Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Wedding Live Band

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Wedding Live Band

Band: Jeremy (vocals), Kevin (guitar & vocals)

This is a memorable wedding, because how many brides would sing at their wedding? Cheryl didn’t only sing 1 song, she put her creative mind to work and strung 2 songs creatively:

Still Into You (Ashley Tisdale)

and 爱的路上只有我和你 (任贤齐)

Before the actual day, Cheryl took the trouble to rehearse with Kevin, who played the guitar and also sang “Still Into You” as a wedding gift to Soon Keong.

Thank you for engaging Jeremy and Kevin to perform at your wedding. We wish you a blissful marriage ahead!

Cheryl & Soon Keong Goodwood Park Wedding

L-R: Kevin, Cheryl, Soon Keong, Jeremy


  1. All about loving you
  2. Dying inside to hold you
  3. Every breath you take
  4. Every Day I love you
  5. Everything I do, I do it for you
  6. Faithfully
  7. For the First time
  8. Have i told you lately
  9. In this life
  10. It might be you
  11. Love is all around
  12. Love of a lifetime
  13. Nothings gonna change my love for you
  14. Now and forever
  15. Sometimes when we touch 
  16. Thank you for loving me 
  17. To be with you
  18. When a man loves a woman 
  19. Wonderful tonight
  20. 爱很简单
  21. 非你莫属
  22. 情非得已