Imelda’s thoughts: In This Life

Enid is a truly lovely and unique name. Many of us probably know this name from reading popular children’s books by author Enid Blyton. For those of you who are not aware, Enid is a female name.

Thanks to KC from Tinydot Photography for all the lovely photos in this entry!

When I arrived at Chijmes, Melvin was setting up the sound system, looking a little embarrassed. He then sheepishly revealed how he had mistakenly addressed the groom just a while before as, “Enid, Congratulations!!” He had believed, all his childhood and now half of his adult life, that Enid Blyton was male. Well, now we all know our favourite children’s book author is NOT male. I laughed so hard my dress seams almost burst, telling him that I had to put this in the blog.

Anyway, enough of poking fun at Melvin. On this very same day that Melvin learns Enid Blyton is actually female, our beautiful bride Enid writes the special first chapter of her life story with husband Hyen Yong.

Enid had prepared a surprise song for Hyen Yong. When she stepped up on stage after the photo montage, she candidly told her hubby that she wanted the stage to herself and that he should sit down so she could sing him a song. Enid belted out Colin Raye’s ‘In This life’ with love, sincerity and confidence. Clarence was so moved he commented afterward, “Aiyoh… so sweet I want to cry…”

We only have one lifetime each, and it’s not easy to find that special person you want to spend it with. Congratulations Hyen Yong and Enid for having found each other. May your life’s chapters together be filled with lots more wonderful stories that you can share with generations to come. God Bless!

Band: Imelda, Clarence, Melvin

L-R: Clarence, Hyenyong, Enid, Imelda, Melvin


Kiss Me, So Nice, Quizas Quizas Quizas, Sway, Fallen, 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), 夜来香 (Fragrance In The Night), Close To You, Lovin’ You, Grow Old With You, Rainbow Connection

That’s Amore (First dish), Quando Quando Quando, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Just The Way You Are, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Angel In Disguise, The Way You Look At Me, And I Love You So, Two Words, The Look Of Love, La Vie En Rose

Special performance by Enid: In This Life



Hi Hsin Yeow

We are so happy that we engaged Imelda, Clarence and Melvin to perform for us at our wedding!

They definitely made a tremendous difference to the night! At the lawn, my guests commented how the soothing music gave them respite from the otherwise unbearable heat!

In the hall, the mesmerising vocals of Imelda and the great music by the musicians added a wonderful feel to our night! Please help me to say a BIG thank you to them! We really enjoyed your performance heaps!! 🙂

Hyenyong and Enid