Shawn’s thoughts: Two Words

Everything about chijimes was just so right for Wenyao and Fong Yee, from the venue to the decor…they even handpicked the band members! The couple displayed great elegance very subtly, and the band was deeply attracted to further pleasure the guests; to complete the tasteful evening the couple had prepared for them.

It was a delicate evening of swing, and we swung like never before.

A little girl of 6 dedicated a piano piece to the couple and guests, and Ian (our pianist) was watching intently, waiting to help her turn the page but just as the music arrived at the end of the last bar on the page she simply reached out, flipped it and returned to the keys right on the next beat, as if she had rehearsed it many times before!

Wenyao led Fong Yee in a slow dance (come fly with me) immediately after their 2nd march-in. It’s such a blessing to be able to play a lovers’ tune to lovers, and watch them move and turn in affection for each other.

A lady came up to us before we left and asked for our namecard. she commented ‘this is how a band should be! sound good, look good…all black hair and not some gold some orange…’ HA!

After watching how Wenyao and Fongyee danced, I remembered my own, two years ago, and went home, held my Mrs for a while, before falling alseep.

Wenyao and Fong Yee, may the Lord bless you abundantly in your lives and marriage!

Band: Juliet, Ian, Shawn, Patrick

Photography by the creative, fun people behind One Eye Click
L-R: Shawn, Ian, Wenyao, Fong Yee, Juliet, Patrick

The many faces of Juliet:



Ian and Patrick:


Two Words (1st march-in), L-O-V-E, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Fallen, Fly Me To The Moon, East of the Sun (And West of the Moon), Tea for Two, Dream A Little Dream, So Nice, Smile

At Last (2nd march-in), Come Fly With Me, Sway, Close To You, Lovin’ You, The Way You Look Tonight, I’ve Got A Crush On You, ‘S Wonderful, Taking A Chance on Love, Just The Way You Are

Song To Recommend:

East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) – Love this jazz classic!



Compliments from Fong Yee & Wenyao:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

We really enjoyed our Big Day!

The band was great and my guests love it very much.

Juliet gave a touching renditions to many of our favorite classics example “Fallen”. All the other band members were professional in their instrumental playing and synchronize perfectly with Juliet’s singing.

The music was simply magical. The band was professional and offered personal touch and magical colors to our wedding that night.

Thank you A little Dream, you have made our wedding night very very special and memorable!

Fong Yee & Wenyao