Bevlyn’s thoughts: Sway To The Music…

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We were singing halfway through when a friend of Cindy approached the band and requested to sing a song for her. The gutsy lady Pamela (who was rumoured to be a Singapore Idol contestant) requested to sing When I Fall In Love! According to her, Cindy is her very good friend because they had gone through some hardships together in Peru, or in her own words “through thick and thin”.

When it was the last song for the evening and we invited Pamela up the stage, Cindy was in for a surprise for the second time in a night. When Hsin Yeow coaxed the couple to do the first dance for the evening, Jason and Cindy very sportingly held each other and swayed to the music as Pamela sang the romantic song. Kudos also to the Chijmes workers for dimming the light at that instance!

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When Jason thanked us for making the celebration “more memorable”, I told him he should thank himself for being spontaneous enough to sing and dance. Cindy you are a lucky lady!

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Grow Old With You

Cindy was the main architect behind the wedding preparations, while Jason took care of the renovations for their new home. This arrangement worked out brilliantly, because each could make “executive decisions” (Cindy’s words) quickly.

One of Cindy’s many wonderful ideas was to place photographs of the various places they had been to on each table. Each photograph contained a small caption of their thoughts and what that trip meant to them. From Prague to Bali to Las Vegas, it appeared that the couple left footprints on many corners of the globe.

I will always remember the look on Cindy’s face when Jason surprised her by singing Grow Old With You right after their solemnisation ceremony. Jason had earlier declared that he would “freak” if asked to do so, but I wrote him a very persuasive e-mail, and also pointed him to Bevlyn’s post. Thankfully, it worked, because Cindy was so touched by his gesture that she kept wiping away tears of joy. Jason, you rock!

Band: Bevlyn, Hsin Yeow, Jon Ang & Feri


It Had To Be You (1st march-in), Fallen, For Once In My Life, Wishin’ and Hopin, Come Fly With Me, Dream a Little Dream, When You Say Nothing At All, Girl From Ipanema, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Something Stupid, Moon River, One Fine Day, The Way You Look Tonight, L-O-V-E, Quando, Quando, Quando, C’est Si Bon, Fly Me to the Moon, So Nice, Sway, When I Fall In Love

Wedding Tips:

(1) Get your friend to perform a song with the band
(2) Dance with your spouse, and ask the technicians to dim the lights!
(3) Decorate each table with a photograph
(4) Surprise your spouse by singing a song to her. Jason did it right after the solemnisation ceremony — great timing!

Compliments from Cindy:

Hi Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Jon & Feri

Thanks so much for making the whole evening so wonderful and magical! I first got to know the band through the Sgpbrides forum and had gone to 4 seasons to listen to u sing, I must say I was really wowed over by the music. 🙂

Hsin Yeow, thanks so much for sending Jason the email to make him sing the song Grow Old With You :p it was a really nice surprise.. More so because we had engraved these words on each other’s wedding ring without the other knowing! We only knew it on the day of the wedding itself after exchanging our wedding bands.

Mine read (courtesy of Jason): “I can’t think of anyone to grow old with but you.”
Jason’s read (courtesy of me): “My light, my love, I wanna grow old with you”

Thanks much for the memories and do catch up soon!


(Hsin Yeow: What can I say, Cindy? You two are made for each other!)