Clarence’s thoughts: I Will Be Here

This was definitely a special one for me. I felt a close connection to this couple particularly as it was a Christian solemnization and wedding procession, held most fittingly at the grand Chijmes hall, which used to be a church. The groom, Shawn, also happened to be an architect (and me an interior designer)! It was also a special request of the couple and their pastor for the band to be of the same faith, to lead them in worship songs on top of the march-in and instrumental numbers.


It was great to be playing the acoustic sets with Jeremy on vocals, and I must say, the simple and unplugged sounds came through with the hall’s natural reverb. It was also great that there was a sound system set up, with monitor speakers for our reference as we performed.

The bride, Karen, looked beautiful and elegant as she entered in her long train. It all came together in perfection and the image was like that of the Walt Disney film, Beauty and the Beast! The groom was all but nervous, cool as a cucumber and definitely in his element. He even confidently appointed his brother (who happened to share my name), the “Director”, as Shawn himself took on the role of the “cast” willingly.


The procession went on smoothly. We even threw in instrumental bits during the solemnization upon requests on the day by the couple. We also stayed on to play for their third march-in. During which, the charismatic and humorous Pastor kept Jeremy and me on our toes when she popped a surprise game for the couple.

Wishing Karen and Shawn an excellent and blissful marriage! And thank you, for having us as part of the “cast” in this heart-warming story.

Band: Clarence & Jeremy


The Power of Your Love, I Want You to Be Where You Are, Creator King, I Will Be Here

If I Kiss You (2nd March In)