Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Grow Old With Me

Just ask. You’ll never know until you try.

Regular readers might think we sign contracts with our couples specifying that they must serenade each another, judging by the frequency this happens at our wedding performances. Not true at all.

It helps that we’re very experienced in the art of persuasion, having seen how a singing groom or bride can instantly transform the atmosphere and energy in a ballroom, how tangible love can get when one expresses his or her feelings through a song.

When I first broached the subject, Tze Yang turned beetroot and gently declined. After some cajoling, he agreed to dedicate one of the songs I was supposed to sing that night, You Are So Beautiful to his lovely wife Jeanie. I planted the idea of him singing the song, and I could see it taking root as he wondered if he could summon up enough courage to do so.

That very moment after I announced that Tze Yang would be singing for Jeanie.

I didn’t give him much of a chance to ponder. When I announced that Tze Yang would be singing, Jeanie immediately stood up and cheered him on. Tze Yang’s nervousness was overcome by his adrenaline as he started singing, “You are so beautiful…to me!” to thunderous applause.

Thank you, Tze Yang and Jeanie, for engaging us! We had a great time! Please thank Timothy and Joshua for coming up onstage to dance with me!

With Timothy (taller one) and Joshua. These cute boys danced with abandon when we started singing some upbeat numbers!
Band: Hsin Yeow, Juliet, Clarence, Shoujie

L-R: Juliet, Shoujie, Jeanie, Tze Yang, Hsin Yeow, Clarence



Secret Garden (1st March-in), My Valentine, Chasing Cars, Close To You, Wonderful Tonight, Do That To Me One More Time, You’re The Inspiration, Moon River, Quando Quando Quando, Open Arms, Dream A Little Dream

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (2nd March-in), Grow Old With Me, Everything, Something Stupid, Your Song, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Truly Madly Deeply, Fly Me To The Moon, Somewhere Out There, Sway, Auld Lang Syne

Tze Yang’s song: You Are So Beautiful

Songs To Recommend:

Secret Garden – I was drawn into the song, largely due to its evocative lyrics. One of Jeanie’s favourites.

Grow Old With Me – I am determined to recommend this to every couple from now on. Am totally in love with this classic. One of my regular readers will agree with me, right, CL?

Compliments from Jeanie:

Hello Hsin Yeow & Band,

Need to thank you for the great performance at our wedding despite the rowdiness our friends have created. Our families and friends were all very impressed by the music that night (especially our dancing nephews Timothy & Joshua) and we have already had friends, who are getting married next year, asking for your contacts.

Great job! Thanks for creating the romantic atmosphere and adding colour to our wedding!

Most importantly, thank you Hsin Yeow for encouraging and convincing Tzeyang to sing for me at our wedding ( I have never heard him sing in public), you have no idea how much that means to me. I’m a romantic at heart and have always had 2 dreams about my wedding: one is to get married in a church and one is for my husband to sing for me at my wedding, and I didn’t expect them both to come true. Ain’t that awesome?! =))

God Bless!