Matthew’s Thoughts: Collide

It’s always risky when you have your bestman make a speech at your dinner, because chances are he knows all your deep, dark secrets. Thankfully, both speeches by the bestman as well as the bridesmaids (of honour, of course.) were well received, and tastefully done (I say this because poor [bride] had included in her speech “well, Aik Hong promised he would take very good care of me…..tonight.” and somehow for reasons unbeknown to me the entire ballroom erupted in laughter. Hmm. Serene says I’ll understand when I grow up.)

The bestman included in his speech the story of how Aik Hong “got the girl”. Apparently they were on a community service mission to Timor, and the poor dude, with zero motorbike experience, decided to try some stunts, which resulted in a terrible fall into some gutter. Somehow the effects of the fall translated into a high fever. That night, [bride] stayed up and took care of him. They were found holding hands the next morning. Hmm…I need to hit my head hard.

A primary school friend of the bride (GO NYPS!) also came up to sing a song, and either it was the beautiful piano accompaniment or random smoke in her eyes that caused her to end the song crying, earning a hug from BOTH the bride and the groom. You go girl!


L to R: Sofyan, Aik Hong, Ying Ren, Serene, Matthew

Band: Sofyan, Serene, Matthew


A Moment Like This (1st march-in), 遇见 (Meeting), Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Love Story, If We Hold On Together, Fly Me To The Moon, Wishing and Hoping, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), From This Moment

At the Beginning (2nd march-in), 今天妳要嫁給我 (Today You’re Marrying Me), I Finally Found Someone, Quando Quando Quando, Something Stupid, Lucky, Grow Old With You, I’m Yours, Built To Last, Collide, Angels Brought Me Here, Can’t Smile Without You, Stand By Me, Love Me

Compliments from Ying Ren:

Dear A Little Dream,

The feedback from my guests was excellent! They all enjoyed the music very much and it created a very intimate atmosphere.

It was so good to the extent that when the band stopped playing at the end of the banquet, there was a very visible void…

Please extend my thanks to the team 🙂 I will send the pictures of the band from my photographer to you once I receive them.

Ying Ren