Serene’s Thoughts:


Band: Serene and Matthew



Thanks to Ruey Loon of 36 for sending us his beautiful photos!


You’re the Sunshine of My Life (1st March-in), Kiss Me (1st dish), 南屏晚钟 (Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill), Vincent, Lovin’ You, Always Be My Baby, No Matter What, Heaven, Moon River, Sometimes When We Touch, 稻香 (Fragrant Rice), 每个人都会 (Everyone Knows How To)

Everyday I Love You (2nd march-in), Save Me From Myself, 梅兰梅兰我爱你 (Mei Lan Mei Lan, I Love You), You And Me, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Because I Love You, 大眼睛 (Big Eyes), Saving All My Love For You, Georgia On My Mind, Love You More Than I Can Say + 爱你在心口难开

Songs to Recommend:

Darren and Ashley really have an eclectic taste! Not all their songs are typical wedding fare, but Serene and Matthew were game enough to take on the challenge.

稻香 (Fragrant Rice)

南屏晚钟 (Bell Ringing At Nanping Hill)

每个人都会 (Everyone Knows How To)


大眼睛 (Big Eyes)