Junxiong’s thoughts: Wonderful Tonight

Tonight is definitely one of the most unforgettable evenings for our newly weds, Benny and Xiaoqi. Being together for eight full years (wow…), they finally tied the knot and presented their love story to all their wedding guests in a very unique manner: a sand-painting wedding montage video clip! And that’s how we get to share their acquaintances nearly a decade ago – through part-time jobs at Deli-France!? Isn’t that pure fate? 😉

The morning highlights montage of our wedding couple is also another very extraordinary one. Our humble newly weds shared with us their deepest and truthful thoughts for each other, along with those happy and wonderful moments in the morning. This inevitably adds to it a personal touch!

To us, destiny has finally brought Benny and Xiaoqi together despite their claims of somewhat different characters (now proven to be a perfect complement for one another). Benny is the composed man of few words whom our beautiful and gentle bride could always trust and rely on. Their love and conviction for each other could be easily discerned throughout the entire evening. Both of them are also an exceptionally friendly and sincere couple who never fails to greet their guests with beaming smiles from the bottom of their hearts.

Once again, our heartiest and warmest wishes to Benny and Xiaoqi! Thank you for having us to share your joy and laughters on this very important day. You were indeed wonderful tonight and we wish you a blissful marriage with abundance of love and unforgettable moments ahead… Congrats!!! ^_^

Band: Jun Xiong, Imelda, Mei Sheum, Boon Chye

L-R: Jun Xiong, Mei Sheum, Xiaoqi, Benny, Imelda, Boon Chye

小手拉大手, 家後, You Make Me Feel Brand New, Close To You, Loving You, At Last, Fly Me To The Moon, 就是爱你, 结婚进行曲, 小情歌, I Do (Cherish You), Wonderful Tonight, When A Man Loves A Woman, The Way You Look Tonight, 幸福恋人 (Happy Lovers), 花好月圆夜, 你是我心內的一首歌, Quando Quando Quando, Two Is Better Than One, I Finally Found Someone, 水晶, 爱得正好