Bevlyn’s Thoughts: A Love That Will Last

It’s amazing where you can find true love:

David first crossed path with Ling Ying at a staircase in Yishun Safra’s bowling alley. He was carrying four 15-pound bowling balls, two in front and two behind – he just wanted to ‘finish the staircase FAST’. As fate would have it, Ling Ying was strolling up the staircase with her friends in no particular hurry, right in front of David. In quick defence, David remembered he had said ‘excuse me’ to Ling Ying and her friends.

What made him a very happy man on his wedding day was not just because of his wife, and a new family, but also because he could finally stop the 11pm-1am chauffeuring from south of spore to Yishun where Ling Ying lived, and back to the south of spore where he had lived, ever again. 🙂

Then band had a good time performing to the guests, quite many whom I think are live music lovers! I would not be surprised because David is a guitarist himself. He even took a picture of himself and his guitar, and display it at the reception area. Clarence my guitarist commented tongue-in-cheek when I told him about the picture, “What? He’s married to his guitar?!”

Thank you David and Ling Ying for inviting my band to perform at your wedding. We wish you everlasting love and a wonderful marriage ahead. Congratulations!

Band:  Bevlyn, Boon Chye & Clarence


Valentine (1st March in), So Nice, Wave, Your Song, Beautiful In My Eyes, Everything I Do I Do It For You, Have I Told You Lately, Fly Me To The Moon, Love Me, Love Will Keep Us Alive, These Are The Moments.

A Love That Will Last (2nd March in), Love Of A Lifetime, Close To You, It Might Be You, Dream A Little Dream, It Had To Be You, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, My Romance, The Way You Look Tonight, The Gift, L.O.V.E.

Compliments from David:

Dear Bevlyn,

I’ve had many comments since (my wedding) that they were amazed with your voice’s tone and timbre.

As for the room having many live music lovers, well – let’s just say that the corner 4 tables right next to you were full of guys from my church’s worship ministry ie bands, some of them have projects outside like sonic edge, vertical rush, giants must fall, etc – so i think they know live music very well too!