Matthew’s Thoughts: You Are So Beautiful

Not much needed to be said. Jae is the coolest! I got there early to rehearse his super-top-secret surprise song, and while he initially planned to sing throughout the 2.5 minute photo montage he specially created for Chloe, he heeded our advice to do just 1 verse as I told him “eh just in case you cry la, then cannot even finish the song.”

But macho man Jae assured us that wouldn’t happen. True enough, after the second line, “you are so beautiful, to me…” I was left hanging (as well as the entire ballroom!) waiting for him to go into “can’t you see….you’re everything I hope for” but I think he was choking (on macho tears!)

Well good thing I didn’t cry too. I wanted too though. But it’d be difficult not to, really. The way it happened was, the couple stayed on stage to give their speech after the toast, and then went back to take their seats while the “surprise” photo montage was playing.

I was just playing generic romantic-ish piano in the background till the 1.5minute mark, whereby suddenly, a spotlight (ballroom in darkness now for the presentation) lit our hero Jae, who sang directly to her. Needless to say, the entire ballroom burst into cheers and applause when they heard the first line.

It’s also extra gratifying to have the nearby tables clapping and acknowledging us after every song! It’s bad enough for them that they’re stuck next to us (where it’s the loudest) but I think they liked it! Sitting next to the band has its perks! Not only are you in shouting distance to make your song requests, we’re good at distracting babies too! (Kids under age of 3 will just stare at us, trying to ascertain the source of this cacophony that’s attacking him/her.)

And for honorable mention, Jae got us this mega roast-duck-char-siew-rice dinner. Usually I wouldn’t talk about the dinner we get, but this guy’s dinner really made my day. Haha. Got me and Ariel into an intense “where is the best char siew in the world” discussion (not argument.)

L to R: Matthew, Jae, Chloe, Ariel & Ivan

Band: Ariel, Matthew, Ivan


L-O-V-E (1st Walk in), So Nice (First Dish), Dream A Little Dream, Fly Me To The Moon, Quando Quando Quando, La Vie En Rose, When I Fall In Love, Let’s Stay Together, Lovin’ You, Just The Way You Are

Fallen (2nd March in), Grow Old With You, If I Ain’t Got You, I’m Yours, Kiss Me, For No Reason, Everything, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, That’s What Friends Are For, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 上海灘 (Shanghai Beach)

Compliments from a wedding guest :


Jae’s my JC classmate and I attended the wedding dinner on Saturday. It was my first time hearing A Little Dream live and this I have to say: You guys were fantastic! Thanks for bringing such beautiful music to the dinner. 🙂