Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: OMG

Janice and Jonathan’s wedding was a riot. I thought to myself, “I hadn’t laughed so much at a wedding in ages. Seriously.” I mean, how could anyone keep a straight face when the bridesmaids and groomsmen took a leaf from the coolest wedding dance ever (see below)?

To me, Janice and Jonathan’s (JJ) wedding dance trumped JK’s because JJ’s parents joined in the fun! You had to be there to believe it!

Then came the tearjerking speeches.

Jonathan’s mom took the stage solo, and she commanded it. “You are already like a daughter to me” she told Janice. Then she reminded Jonathan, “You were very naughty; you broke everything – including your arm, remember?”  Then came the clincher, “You taught me so many things: patience, acceptance and above all, frustration!”

After that fantastic speech, it was Janice’s father’s turn. He went onstage, paced a bit then pointed to Jonathan’s mom, “My mistake was to let her start first!” He shook his head in mock resignation.

Janice’s father then went on to give a wonderful speech. He had a very good tip for the couple: don’t use strong words during an argument. They will come back to haunt you for the rest of your life. He also quipped, “I need some help with my handphone. My peers are already showing off pictures of their grandchildren on their phones. I hope my phone will have such photos soon too!”

Just when I finished giggling, Janice’s father turned on the charm even more by singing sang a song he wrote (backed by 10-person chorus). As he was singing, Janice came up to his father and danced with him.

Juliet, Sharon, Regi, Boon Chye and I had a fantastic time at the wedding! The applause from the audience was also encouraging, and motivated us to give our best.

Congratulations Janice and Jonathan!

L-R: Sharon, Boon Chye, Jonathan, Janice, Hsin Yeow, Regi

Hsin Yeow, Juliet, Regi, Sharon, Boon Chye


Unforgettable, A Whole New World, Angels Brought Me Here, Fly Me To The Moon, I Do (Cherish You), Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Moon River, hen I Fall In Love, Loving You, Wind Beneath My Wings, Love Me Tender, Your Song, La Vie En Rose, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Cheek To Cheek, Sway, For Once In My Life, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Footloose, Moondance


Dear Hsin Yeow

Sorry it slipped my mind to reply. Which was an awful thing to do because I have A LOT of positive feedback to give,

I absolutely loved the band and and the music. You are all wonderful musicians with beautiful voices. All the song suggestions were perfect. The music was tasteful – not overwhelming the occasion but adding to it.

A lot of our family and friends told me how much they enjoyed it. Even the wedding videographer used your songs whilst editing the video!

Yours sincerely