Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Forever Love

It takes great guts for someone to sing a song in front of a ballroom full of guests if he/she has not done it before. More so to perform on their wedding day since usually there are many things going on that day, from the traditional ceremony, photo taking, wedding dinner and so on.

And so, when we found that Keith is going to sing a special song for Esther, Ivan, Ian and I were determined to make that moment really magical. During the short rehearsal, we decided to lower the key of the song slightly to suit Keith’s voice. Off went Ian, scribbling the revised chords for the song.

We also tried out a few methods of entering the last chorus of the song after the bridge. And we felt that going with Ivan’s saxophone lead-in, followed by Keith singing the first line ‘Forever Love..’ will be the best way. And so we were off!


And I must say at that moment, all of us felt the love in the air as Esther, who was splendid in her victorian-inspired gown, looked at Keith blissfully while he belted out the song.


Dear Keith and Esther, thanks so much for having us at your wedding! We really enjoyed performing the songs for you and your guests. Our warmest wishes to you as you embarked on the next chapter of your life. Congratulations!


Hui Bing, Ivan and Ian


The Way You Look Tonight, Beautiful In My Eyes, Everything I Do (I Do It For You), Grow Old With You, I Do (Cherish You), All My Life, 超级市场 (Supermarket), 借我一辈子 (You’re Mine For A Lifetime), Love Is (The Greatest Gift Of All), Valentine, Because You Loved Me, L-O-V-E, Kiss Me, Sometimes When We Touch, 世界唯一的你 (The Only You In This World), Love Me, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Endless Love, Somewhere Out There, I Finally Found Someone

Special performance by Keith: Forever Love



Hi Hsin Yeow,

Esther and I would like to say a big big thank you to Huibing, Ivan and Ian for giving us such beautiful memories on our wedding night.

To be frank, I was very nervous and worried before the rehearsal as I had not met up with the band before. All that went away when I saw Huibing’s bright smile, the professionalism of Ian and the romantic saxophone masterclass by Ivan.  I’m truly honoured and proud to be able to perform together with the band.

Thank you for fulfilling my own little dream of singing a love song to Esther. We reserved our special praise for Huibing. Her voice is so mesmerizing!

Her rendition of “Sometimes When We Touch” really touched our heart and my eyes were filled with tears of happiness when she sang the song.  Her version of 世界唯一的你 was so captivating that we stopped half way through the photo-taking session just to enjoy her wonderful performance.

I really wish we had more time sitting down and enjoy the whole performance. Please let us know if there’s any public performance by the band. We would like to enjoy your music and relive the wonderful night 🙂  So many guests came up to us to compliment the band and ask who you guys were. It just show how amazing the band is!

“A Little Dream seeks to move, inspire and engage our wedding couples and guests with the magic of live music”

You guys did more than that ….You have reunited all of us and make such a difference to the night!

Thank you A Little Dream! Sincerely, Keith & Esther

Song To Recommend:

超级市场 (Supermarket)