Bevlyn’s thoughts: Love Takes Flight

The theme for the wedding was ‘Love Takes Flight’, and it was not due to the fact that David is a pilot, but more because the love between David and Lilian took flight after sharing their common interest – travailing – over many exchanges of emails!

David’s training to become a pilot took place in Australia, and though disadvantaged in terms of distance, he went on to win Lilian’s heart by sending her flowers (through the power of Internet), and sending special videos of his traveling to Lilian to make sure he was always on her mind. Believe it or not, this took more than a year before they got together!

A highlight of the evening was the couple’s special video tribute to their mothers. A special guest was ‘invited’ to the wedding – Taiwanese songbird Fei Yu Qing ‘arrived’ in a video montage, featuring him singing “千理之外” with the couple’s idol Jay Chou. The video also featured Jay Chou’s song “听妈妈的话“, with excellent lyrics to dedicate to mothers:

“听妈妈的话 别让她受伤
想快快长大 才能保护她

美丽的白发 幸福中发芽

天使的魔法 温暖中慈祥”
And Jerome gave a rendition of Oh Carol to dedicate to David’s father because this has always been his favourite song to sing to David’s mother!

Thank you David and Lilian, we are really touched by your love story! Here’s wishing you a blissful marriage ahead!:)

Photo courtesy of the talented Wansheng from FeldBeryl Images
L-R: Bevlyn, David, Lilian, Jerome, Benedict Goh (Not in picture – Lim Hui)
Band: Bevlyn, Jerome, Benedict Goh, Lim Hui


Two Words, Let There Be Love, Angels Brought Me Here, Grow Old With You, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Ti Amo, Quando Quando Quando, Inseparable, 非你莫属 (It Had To Be You), La Mer (French), L-O-V-E, Lover’s Concerto

La Vie En Rose (French), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), Wonderful Tonight, Beautiful In My Eyes, 甜密密 (Honey Sweet), 一人一半 (One Half), 遇见 (Encounter), I Will Be Here, Cest Si Bon (French), 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart)

Compliments From Couple:

Hi Bevlyn, Jerome and the music team,

I hope that you guys had a good time singing and playing at our “celebration of love dinner” last Saturday.

Just wanna say a very big thank you for the wonderful performance! Our guests really enjoyed your music and many of them (young & old) raved about your singing! 🙂

You guys have truly added that magical touch to our wedding, making it so memorable for us and our guests!

May your love for music continue to shine through at future weddings.

David + Lilian