Zhengquan’s Thoughts:

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L – R: Adeline, Judy, Meilin, Mark, Zheng Quan

Judy, Zheng Quan & Adeline


Lucky (1st March In), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Dreaming of You, Endless Love, Fly Me To The Moon, How Deep Is Your Love, It Might Be You, L.O.V.E, Quando Quando Quando, The Way You Look Tonight.

甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 屋顶 (On The Roof), 分分钟需要你 (I Need You Every Minute),  默契 (Understanding),  制造浪漫 (Creating Romance), 情非得已 (Uncontrollable Love), 恋爱频率 (Love’s Frequency), 爱得正好 (Just In Love), 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day)

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