Bevlyn’s thoughts: Close to You

I was so impressed when Melissa handed me this invitation card, along with the ‘movie ticket’ to the “The movie”. Indeed, it was like a movie premiere with life-size standees of the “lead characters” outside the “theatre hall”.


Another highlight was the 2nd march-in; to be in line with the ‘movie’ theme, the couple used the James Bond soundtrack. Their ‘brothers and sisters’ marched in first, split into 2 files, held out their colourful plastic guns and came up with various ‘James Bond” and “Bond Girl”poses. Definitely a sight hard to forget!

The band had a lot of fun performing some of the couple parents’ favourite songs. Jerome sang Paul’s dad’s favourite song “人生如梦 (Life’s Like a Dream)” while I sang “Yesterday Once More”, a favourite of Paul’s mum. Melissa’s dad loves the song 榕树下 (Under the Banyan Tree); I knew Jerome was trying his hardest not to laugh when he started the song. Despite himself, he delivered the song to much applause at the end of the song!

Thank you Paul and Melissa for inviting us to be a part of this ‘movie’, we’re so honoured to be casted! Congratulations again!

Band: Bevlyn, Jerome, Jixiang, Brad

L-R: Jixiang, Jerome, Melissa, Paul, Bevlyn & Brad




Close to You, 两只恋人 (Two Lovers), 期待爱 (Looking Forward to Love), Dreaming of You, Sing A Long Song, 一首简单的歌 (A Simple Song), I Have a Dream, 只对你说 (I’ll Only Say It to You), I’m Yours, 专署天使 (Exclusive Angel), 恋爱频率 (Frequency of Love),

Sugar Sugar, 爱很间单 (Love is Simple), 人生如梦 (Life’s Like a Dream), Yesterday Once More, 榕树下 (Under the Banyan Tree), 心愿便利贴 (Post-it Sticker of Hope),  That’s What Friends are For, 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day), Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, 月佬 (Matchmaker), 制造浪漫 (Creating Romance)


Hi Bev!

I have been wanting to post a comment for your band.

Finally, I have the time to do so.  Yea, Paul was the “mastermind” behind the movie wedding theme, the “James Bond” thing, artwork and design of the invitation card.

It is our greatest pleasure to have you guys performing for our wedding.  We would like to say “Thank you!” This is especially so to you, Jerome, Jixiang and Brad. Our guests and I were entertained greatly by the songs that was performed. Many of our friends and relatives were asking us for your band contacts after our dinner.

@ Bev, Thanks for encouraging Paul (and writing the lyrics for him) to sing a part of the song as a surprise for me, he told me he was so nervous that he can’t memorize a full song. Actually, I think he expects me to sing or surprise him! And not forgetting the advice and solutions that you offered us during our preparations. It was wonderful getting to know you and not forgetting Hsin Yeow too.

Will send you the pictures we took together when I receive them ok!

Paul & Melissa