Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Beautiful In My Eyes

I love to listen to wedding speeches, if they are done properly. If I were to deliver one, I’d make sure it is either succinct, funny or touching.

Alvin’s father gave a speech that was all of the above, and more. He had us all in stitches when he related how Alvin broke the news to him that he was attached to Tricia. At the time, Alvin was studying in Australia, and his parents had no idea he was even seeing anyone.

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So when Alvin called up one day and exclaimed, “I’m attached!”, Alvin’s father nearly dropped the handset in fright. He thought Alvin had gotten married. There were several tense moments of silence before Alvin’s father replied, “What do you mean you’re attached?”

Of course, the confusion was cleared up eventually, and Tricia was welcomed into the family with open arms. At this point, lots of hugs were exchanged onstage. (Altogether now: awwwww)

BTW, Alvin gave a funny speech too, about being a rabbit in heaven?! Will relate that one to you another time.

P.S. Alvin chose to sing Beautiful In My Eyes for Tricia, and he did a really good job!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Eleanor, Wilson & Mark

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1st set: Beyond The Sea, Dream A Little Dream, Quando Quando Quando, Fly Me To The Moon, L-O-V-E, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Sway

2nd set: Beautiful In My Eyes (special performance by Alvin), Someone Like You, What A Difference A Day Made, The Way You Look Tonight, It Had To Be You, Something Stupid, When I Fall In Love

Wedding Tips:

Three vital points to remember when writing a speech:
– Keep it short
– Be sincere
– Make it funny!

Compliments from Alvin and Tricia:

Dear Hsin Yeow and all at A Little Dream,

Tricia and I would like to thank all of you for making our wedding day a truly memorable one. The reviews from the guests were great and even till today, many are still coming up to us to give compliments on the great jazz renditions by the band. Many said that you livened up the evening.

We too enjoyed ourselves thoroughly during your performance. And the reading of messages from our friends and family throughout the evening really turned the occasion into an intimate and very personal affair. It just made all the love and good wishes so tangible in the ballroom!

The band was excellent in playing the song for my surprise performance to Tricia. You guys are really great for adapting to my not so standard singing ability :p

So from the both of us, a most heartfelt thank you. Do keep in touch.

Alvin & Tricia