Sofyan’s thoughts: She’s The One

I didn’t realize it’s so much easier to sing than to pen down my thoughts in a blog!
But in any case, here it is.

It was my debut singing performance for a wedding with A Little Dream. I was pretty nervous at first, but I soon became relaxed after meeting Yong Mei and Khai Yang. They’re such nice people, and a great loving couple.

At one part of the banquet, the couple showed an animation of how they got close to each other, which was because they both worked till late when they were colleagues, creating chances to go out for supper together! Hmmm… That surely changed my view on overtime…

All in all, Hui Bing, James and I are thankful that we could become a part of your wedding, and we wish you a happy and blessed marriage ahead!

The photos you see here were taken by George of A Photo Story




Band: Hui Bing, Sofyan, James

L-R: Sofyan, Hui Bing, Yong Mei, Khai Yang, James

Traditional Wedding March, Lucky, Dream A Little Dream, Way Back Into Love, The Way I Am, I Turn To You, I Love You, Rainbow Connection, Always You, Close To You, Sway, Someone Like You, I’m Yours, Beautiful In My Eyes, She’s the One, From The Heart, High, Secret Garden, For The Longest Time, Come Fly With Me, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You


We wanted a live band for the wedding, and you came highly recommended to us!

Would like to thank Hui Bing, Sofyan and James for a great performance, and our guests enjoyed the music and all the songs so much..

It’s a pity we cannot be there for your whole performance, so we are now eagerly waiting for the video..thank also to Hsin Yeow for your patience (esp when we took a long while to confirm our song list)

Khai Yang and Yong Mei

Song To Recommend:

High – by Lighthouse Family