A little less than a year ago, Bevlyn performed at the wedding of Caleen‘s brother (Jye Chau) and we’re happy that Caleen decided to engage Bevlyn for her wedding too! Carson and Caleen had selected a good mix of English, Mandarin, and Korean songs, and here are the songs we would recommend for a trip down memory lane:

Jye Chau and Hui Ling also had good news to share with  Bevlyn! Congratulations!

Our heartiest congratulations to Carson & Caleen for tying the knots! We wish you a blessed marriage with multiple mini Carson-Caleen coming up soon! 🙂

Testimonial Review Best Live Band Wedding Singapore

Perfect – Ed Sheeran – (1st march-in)
A thousand years – Christina Perri
Today was a fairy tale – Taylor Swift
最重要的决定 – 范玮琪
There you’ll be – Faith Hill
Marry Me – 萧敬藤 (Jam Hsiao)
Rewrite the stars – The Greatest Showman

Just a kiss – Lady Antebellum (Second March in)
黑白配 – 范玮琪
Marry me
You are the one – Kim Bo Kyung (Korean)
True - Ryan Canberra
This kiss – Faith Hill
Can you feel the love tonight – Elton John
厚脸皮 – Ella
What makes you beautiful – One direction
甜甜的 – 周杰伦