Band: Bevlyn (vocals & emcee), Jixiang (guitar), Hongxuan (violin)

It was our first time performing at Sofitel City Centre… because the hotel is rather brand new given that it opened only in November 2017 (6 months ago!)

The ballroom has a huge reception area with very tall ceilings…

.. and a very modern design for the ballroom:

And here’s the menu for the day!

We love this huge VIP table….

David had proposed to Yoke Yee on a yacht.. and here we are because of the success of the proposal!

L-R: Hongxuan (violin), David, Yoke Yee, Bevlyn (vocals & emcee), Jixiang (guitar)
Thank you David & Yoke Yee for having us on your big day. We wish you a joyful adventure ahead filled with bliss and happiness!


  1. Beautiful In White – 1st March-in
  2. Can you feel the love tonight
  3. 黑白配
  4. Stand by me
  5. 我愿意
  6. 一人一半
  7. Perfect Ed Sheeran
  8. 无条件为你
  9. 家后
  10. 爱你在心口难开
  11. 刚好遇见你 – 2nd walk in
  12. All of me
  13. 如果的事
  14. 一只小雨伞
  15. 至少还有你
  16. 一见你就笑
  17. I am yours
  18. 爱很简单
  19. 热情的沙漠
  20. Impromptu Song Requests

Song Recommendation: