Judy’s thoughts: 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 (Rose Rose I Love You)

The first thing I noticed about this wedding was that it was huge! There were 129 tables in total — definitely the biggest wedding crowd I’ve ever performed for.

Kevin was very conscientious and considerate. He made sure Rose had enough time to rest and prepare, while he rehearsed the march-in alone with us. He also made sure we were well-taken care.

I enjoyed the set list very much; it was a good mix of English and Chinese love songs, and it was great to perform with Junxiong after such a long time. My first wedding performance with A Little Dream was with him!

As there were soooo many guests, Kevin had to ‘apologise’ for not being able to speak to everyone during his speech. The couple were also astute enough to start taking table photos right at the beginning of the dinner, and not wait until after second march-in.

Kudos to Kevin and Rose for ‘working’ really hard the whole night. They constantly on their feet, going to every table to make sure everyone was attended to.

When it was time for our last song, Junxiong and I sang In Love With You, and we found out later that it was Kevin’s favourite song. Still I think the most suitable song for their wedding is none other than the classic 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 (Rose Rose I Love You)

Congratulations to Kevin and Rose on their ‘Start of Something New’ 🙂

Band: Judy, Jun Xiong, Matthew



My Valentine (1st march-in), La Vie En Rose, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Loving You, When You Tell Me That You Love Me, Because You Loved Me, 可爱的玫瑰花 (What A Lovely Rose), Lucky, In Love With You, Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Start Of Something New (2nd march-in), 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious One), 爱和承诺 (Love And Promises), 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 (Rose Rose I Love You), 一比一 (One To One), 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), She’s Got A Way, I’m Yours, The Way You Look At Me, Heaven, On This Day, 非你莫属 (It Had To Be You), You Light Up My Life, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You


Hi Hsin Yeow

Been awhile since 4th October 2009!! Hope you guys at A Little Dream have been kept happily busy thus far!! =D

Just got our wedding pictures from our photographer and thought Judy, Junxiong and Matthew would like to have a look!

Cheers and once again, Great Job!!
Rose & Kevin

PS: Really apologetic that we weren’t able to spend more time with you guys that night… Nonetheless, the music was simply magic… =)