Bevlyn’s thoughts: For The First Time

When The Flutes contacted me to ask me to be a part of a wedding proposal for a young man, I was thrilled beyond words. The last time I performed at The Flutes was in September for Stephanie and Daniel‘s wedding, and it feels really good to be back again!

When we arrived for setup, we were shown the ‘preparation room’ where the balloons and roses were hid!

The flutes was also kind to arrange ‘simple dinner’ for us, which turned out to be way beyond simple:

Baked fish (sorry I forgot the name!) You see, it was too delicious to be true.

The crème brulée is formidable, a must-try.

So the plan was for the band to perform there and trick Ai Lyn into thinking that we were a regular band setup at The Flutes. After 1 set of sweet love songs which set the romantic mood for the evening, Alvin got out of the room to get the dessert platter which read “Will you marry me?”:
Alvin initially wanted me to sing ‘ For the first time’ as the proposal song, but I threw the challenge at him, and he gamely agreed. We didn’t have any rehearsal prior to that as he had to fetch Ai Lyn to the restaurant.
My favourite part of the proposal had to be when Alvin re-entered the room with the dessert platter, I with the balloons, a staff with the bouquet of roses, and everyone else in the room looked up except Ai Lyn who was looking out the window. For a few seconds after Alvin sang ‘For the first time’ into the microphone, she was still oblivious to her surroundings….until she suddenly caught on and looked in our direction. Her expression was priceless 😀

Alvin sang the song, the whole time looking lovingly into Ai Lyn’s eyes. Ai Lyn was indeed flattered beyond words, and when Alvin got down on his knees to pop the question (and out the ring), she nodded with a resounding ‘yes!’.

Clarence and I, and the staff of The Flutes were thrilled and really happy that we helped to facilitate in this great purpose! Congratulations to Alvin and Ai Lyn, maybe we’ll see you again on your wedding day! 😀

L-R: Clarence, Bevlyn, Alvin, Ai Lyn

Band: Bevlyn and Clarence


For the First Time (Proposal song), Bubbly, Everything, Fallen, L-O-V-E, Let There be Love, Just the Way You Are, Love Will Keep Us Alive, La Vie En Rose, How Deep is Your Love, Flying Without Wings, Grow Old With You

Compliments from Alvin:

Good morning Bevlyn, just wanna express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for sharing our joy and blessing us with your wonderful vocals. You have been a blessing =)

– Alvin and Ai Lyn