Bevlyn’s Thoughts: “For Me Formidable”

This is another classic example which shows that love holds no boundaries, and in fact Cupid seems to be crossing boundaries more and more these days! Alexandre and Cheng Teng got acquainted a few years ago when he came from Switzerland to Singapore for work. Apparently Cupid had successfully worked his magic on the two of them!

Having sung many French songs at weddings, nothing excites (and worries) more than singing them infront of people who are native French speakers! It was a pleasure to learn and sing some of the new songs, and my favourite is…. “Et si tu n’existais pas” (If you don’t exist) by Joe Dassin.

Interestingly, I covered the French jazz classic ‘Formidable’ (by Charles Aznavour) in the recently released French album ‘Bistro Affair, and I was thrilled I got to perform this cute little number.

But the best response I got was when I sang this Chinese classic.

I LOVE it whenever I perform this song, because the response from the guests are almost always consistent and unanimous – they will sing ‘Ah!’ to echo my singing!

I also thought it a very good fit to have “Le Festin” (The Feast), soundtrack from “Ratatouille” to be the song for the 1st dish presentation. So bravo to Cheng Teng and Alexandre for all the great song choices above!

We also know that Cheng Teng and Alexandre’s guests are music lovers, because we received quite many song requests, for example, ‘Sometimes when we touch’ 🙂

Lim Hui


L-R: Bevlyn, Eleanor, Lim Hui, James

Here’s wishing the lovely couples many formidable years of happiness with many more dreams fulfilled!


L-R: James, Alexandre, Cheng Teng, Bevlyn, Lim Hui

Band: Bevlyn, James & Lim Hui

Emcee: Eleanor



Two Words (1st March-in), Le Festin, L.O.V.E, We’ve Only Just Begun, Dream, I’ll Never Love This Way Again, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Et Si Te N’existais Pas, Fly Me to the Moon, Wonderful Tonight, Sometimes When We Touch, Built to Last, That’s What Friends are For, 大女人 (Wonder Woman), 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day), Savoir Aimer, You’ve Got a Friend, 爱的路上千万里 (Love on the Endless Road), 热情的沙漠 (Desert of Passion), For Me Formidable, Let’s Stay Together

Compliments from Couple:

Hi Bev,

We came back to switzerland not long ago so had a lot of things to settle hence the delay of posting for feedback / photos 😀

We would like to thank Eleanor for being our emcee of the night, she did a great job! and Yes!, we were very glad or should we say thrilled to have engaged the band, it was truly a wonderful evening as the band has put up a lovely ambience to the wedding. My guests adore the band as i’ve heard quite a number of request being submitted (the first sign of appreciating the band). Had a table where they request “Ave Marie” and they were joyfully singing along to it. (that’s another sign where they really enjoyed the music 😀 )

With the band, it definitely made a huge difference to the wedding. Guest were either humming to the familiar tunes or particitpating along especially for one particular song which we heard was 热情的沙漠

Would like to thank both the pianist & violinist for playing wonderful tunes and continuing a melody while the childhood montage was playing.

As we have a mixture of french, english and mandarin songs, we requested for Bevlyn as we know that she was able to sing beautifully with the songs that we had in mind.

Another thank you to Hsin Yeow and Nicky whom we correspond through emails.

Lastly a Big Thank You to alittledream..

Photos attached and credits to Marcus Lee Photography 😀

Warm regards,

Cheng Teng & Alexandre