Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Two Words

This is certainly a wedding which makes the guests feel very welcome. First off, if you were early and (prob) already hungry, fear not, these gummy bear sweets and all sorts of bonbon were right there to relieve your hungry, or, get your stomach ready for a feast ahead.

Guests could write your dedications on slips of specially-made cards which were tied up to ballrooms..

They even had Peking Duck as appetisers right outside the ballroom – WOW!

Making a wedding special is not easy, but nothing beats the couple themsevles getting into the act. Clara took up the challenge of surprising Ben by singing the march-in song ‘Two Words’ This was how it went – a friend of Clara started off the song, and when Clara and Ben entered the ballroom, Clara whooped out the wireless mic by her side and broke into the song in the middle of the march-in:

Now a song that speaks of now and ever,
Beckons me to someone new,
Unexpected, unexplored, unseen,
Filled with promise coming through….

Ben was clearly surprised, and though Clara was a little choked up with emotions, she delivered the song till the end to everybody’s cheers and applause! Thumbs up! I think her reactions were pretty normal, I still couldn’t figure out how Lea remained composed like this.
And if Ben thought that the surprise had ended there, he was very wrong. For the second march-in, the couple was stopped in the track shortly after they enter the ballroom – the emcee Ai Hsiang asked Ben to take note of a solo sofa chair at the back of the ballroom. She reminded Ben that Clara had to be married off in a ‘sedan’ (honestly what a brilliant idea!), and soon brothers came forth to carry Clara on the ‘sedan’!

And when they reached the middle of the ballroom, the brothers let the ‘sedan’ down for Ben’s second challenge – he was asked to sing a Cantonese song “讲你知 (Telling You)”, apparently a song Jacky Chung wrote and sang for his wife. The lyrics are touching, and Ben did a good job with it!

What an eventful night! Here’s our heartiest congratulations to Ben and Clara, may your marriage be filled with happiness and joy!

Band: Bevlyn, Sofyan & Matthew


Two Words (1st March-in), Quando, Quando, Quando, Valentine, Now and Forever, I’m Yours, I Do (Cherish You), Somewhere Out There, 明天我要嫁给你 (I’m Marrying You Tomorrow), So Much In Love, 喜欢你 (Liking You), 爱得正好 (Love at the Right Moment), 讲你知 (Telling You), From this Moment, Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, Falling For You, I Can Love You Like That, If I Ain’t Got You, 爱很简单 (Love is Simple), 你最珍贵 (You’re Most Precious), Isn’t She Lovely, Forever Love, Lucky