Bevlyn’s thoughts: Love You More Than I Can Say

When Ching Ling contacted us to sing for her wedding, it was exactly one week before the big day. That really stressed us out because Decembers are usually peak period for musicians, and we were simply relieved that we could book the musicians (especially a saxophonist) for her!

Fortunately, the banquet was at Four Seasons Hotel, whose friendly and efficient staff we are very well-acquainted with. One interesting highlight of the evening was the video montage which showed the couple’s church wedding at Bali. It was clearly a great idea to have the solemnisation abroad with one’s close family members and friends flying over to have a small holiday as well.

I would say that the repertoire chosen by Ching Ling was well-catered to her guests, no matter how different their tastes were. There were English classics, jazz, Mandarin pop and oldies. At least no guest would feel left out!

Though many couples may feel apprehensive to have Mandarin oldies played/sung at their weddings, you might be surprised to know that I always receive the loudest applause for those songs. And for this wedding, it was 爱你在心口难开(Love You More Than I Can Say)!

Band: Bevlyn, Ein Ein, Jonathan Lim

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Foreground: Ching Ling and Kelvin
Background: Jonathan Lim, Ein Ein and Bevlyn
Photograph was taken by Kelvin of Lighted Pixels


From This Moment (1st March-in), Beautiful In My Eyes, Have I Told You Lately?, Wonderful Tonight, Always and Forever, And I Love You So, You Are So Beautiful, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Someone To Watch Over Me, The Way You Look Tonight, When I Fall In Love, Quando Quando Quando, 我愿意 (I’m Willing) (2nd March-in), 喜欢你 (I Like You), 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), 一见钟情 (Love At First Sight), 我要的幸福 (The Happiness I Desire), 在我生命中的每一天 (Every Day In My Life), 但愿人长久 (May All Live Well And Long), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You), 爱你在心口难开 (Love You More Than I Can Say), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), The Very Thought Of You, Bewitched Bothered Bewildered

Wedding Tip:

Don’t be afraid to pick some retro classics for your wedding. The older generation will thank you for doing so!

Compliments from Ching Ling:

Thank you so much for performing at my wedding despite the short notice.

I could wax lyrical on how much my guests loved your performance but I
think the most telling sign is that Val and Ying Ming signed you guys on almost right after hearing you at Four Seasons!

With actions like that, words are redundant to describe what a great job you did!