Bevlyn’s thoughts: Beyond The Sea


Currently residing in Australia, Eric and Cordelia flew back to Singapore only on the week of their wedding, and Cordelia told me they had to fly back 2 days after. Despite the work and hassle of planning a wedding from overseas, they managed to get the photo montage up for their guests to see the journey they had travelled together thus far. This pair of lovely couple has certainly come a long way.

All photos courtesy of Coffee & Tea Dreamworks

One of the interesting speeches was by longtime childhood friends Darren, who got to know Eric back when the latter was ‘petite’. Another longtime friend Kuan, also classmates with Darren, Eric and Cordelia 12 years back, spoke of her admiration for the couple, with one speaking mostly in English and the other speaking mostly in Mandarin at the beginning of the relationship. To see the couple overcome the many differences in their lives, she expressed confidence that Eric and Cordelia would be good complement to each other in their lives ahead.

My musicians and I witnessed a most uncommon but amusing scene that evening, some guests actually came prepared – they brought along poker cards and entertained themselves especially before the commencement of the dinner! What a good idea! Well I suppose it’s a good idea as long as we can get more people to arrive early 🙂

The guests were also responsive to our music; some even came up to request for songs. The emcee for that evening was a friend, Linda who did an excellent job hosting in both English and Mandarin! First time on our team was our violinist Albert, who incidentally is in my French class!

L-R: Edward, Bevlyn, Cordelia, Eric, Albert

Band: Bevlyn on vocals, Edward on piano, Albert on violin


Going To The Chapel (1st March-in), Sway (1st dish), Dream A Little Dream, Have I Told You Lately?, That’s When I Love You, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, I Can’t Help Falling in Love, Fly Me To The Moon, Close To You, So Nice, The Rainbow Connection

La Vie En Rose (2nd march-in), A Love That Will Last, Beyond The Sea, Loving You, Valentine, Come Fly with Me, L-O-V-E, Bubbly, Quando Quando Quando, Wishing and Hoping, Everything, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Compliments From Couple:

Hi Bevlyn

Eric and I would both like to thank you, Albert and Edward for a wonderful performance at our wedding reception. I have been getting lots of feedback from guests who really enjoyed the music that night. Your performance added to a special evening, making it truly enjoyable for both of us and our guests. Thank you!!

Eric & Cordelia