Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: In This Life

“Love conquers all.”

This statement may sound trite when used to describe other couples, when in Ivan and Levvinne’s case, it fits.  Ivan was struck by kidney disease a few years ago, right after they solemnised their marriage.  The couple had to put their wedding reception plans on hold as Ivan battled the disease.  Levvinne demonstrated true mettle as she stayed by Ivan’s side while he went for kidney dialysis thrice a week.

When asked why she is in love with Ivan, she told me, “He’s caring and he makes me laugh.  Most importantly, he can sing very well!”


Luckily for us, Ivan had already planned to serenade Levvinne.  He chose “In This Life”, and sang it so touchingly the audience cheered him from his first stanza to the last.

After Ivan’s performance, he went on to give a thank-you speech.  At the end of his speech, he turned to Levvinne and said, “I’ll use my life to repay you.”  It was such a simple, heartfelt statement that the audience broke into spontaneous applause.  Levvinne blushed deeply as words failed her.

Bevlyn, Ein Ein, Selwyn and I had a fabulous time performing at the wedding!  The guests were very supportive of us and applauded after every song.  The mood at the wedding was so buoyant and lively, it lifted our spirits and made our music soar with ease.  Ein Ein and Selwyn had great chemistry even though they don’t work together very often.  Selwyn, in particular, impressed me with his virtuosic mastery of the violin.

Congratulations, Ivan and Levvinne!  Thank you for the privilege of being a part of your beautiful wedding!

All the above photographs are courtesy of Tuckys Photography

Thanks for the lovely photos!

P.S. Ivan and Levvinne engaged us after listening to our performance at Daphne and Simon’s wedding, so I was hoping to meet them both.  Luckily, we found Daphne sitting at a table near us.  Simon, you’re missed!


With Daphne (photo not taken by Tucky)

Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Ein Ein & Selwyn


Wedding March (1st March-in), A Groovy Kind Of Love, Close To You, I Love The Way You Love Me, Valentine, Way Back Into Love, 许愿 (Wishing),  Love Me, Kiss Me, Through The Years, Eyes On Me, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Lovin’ You (instrumental), Canon In D (2nd March-in), Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, 我愿意 (I’m Willing), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency), Eternal Flame, Now And Forever, 小酒窝 (Small Dimples), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 制造浪漫 (Creating Romance)

Ivan’s special performance: In This Life


Hi Hsin Yeow,

Thanks again for the wonderful performance last night!  My guests and I were truly immersed in the songs and music.

Ivan and Levvinne

Song To Recommend:

In This Life – Ivan’s heartfelt performance made me fall in love with this song all over again!