Serene’s Thoughts: Moon River

I met Kenny and Jasmine sometime last year when they wanted to listen to the band. How time flies and I am now singing at their wedding.
Early in the evening, Kenny’s buddy gave a speech and described how “destiny” plays such an important part in the lives of Kennyand Jasmine. He recalled the time when he asked Kenny why he decided to leave for Sydney for a couple of years and Kenny replied that he couldn’t really put to words and explanation, but he knew “he had to go”.
Fastforward to today, he shares with us how he realized everything just fell into place. This  wonderful element called “Destiny”. It was all meant to be. It was during that time that Kenny found the love of his life, Jasmine.
The couple’s thank you speech was extremely emotional. I recalled Kenny addressing the ballroom and was overcome with tears when he thanked three superheros in his life. His mother, his nanny and his wife. It was a beautiful moment when the couple slow danced to “Moon River” as everyone watched, enjoyed and smiled.
Thank you Kenny and Jasmine for the lovely memories. Many thanks for your kind hospitality, and thank you as well to the guests who enjoyed our music. Our best wishes to you both.
L-R: Ian, Feri, Kenny, Jasmine, Serene


Band:  Serene, Ian, Feri


I’ll Say A Little Prayer, Fly Me To The Moon, Fallen, The Look Of Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, L-O-V-E, Way You Look Tonight, Angel In My Bed, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 甜蜜蜜 (Sweetness), Orange Colored Sky, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Smile, Dream A Little Dream, A Moment Like This, I’m Yours, She, Everything, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Moon River, If I Ain’t Got You, Pretty World