Judy’s thoughts: 最好的事 (The Best Thing)

This wedding gig was a first for me in many ways. It was my first time singing at Four Seasons Ballroom, first time collaborating with my lovely accompanist Qiuyun and most importantly, my first time singing a wedding song written by the bride herself!

The wonderfully and meticulously organized wedding lunch was definitely as memorable for me as it was for the couple. The wedding lunch was unlike other conventional wedding events. There was no emcee as the couple decided to ‘pow ka leow’, and handle the emcee-ing themselves through a very creative and cute method.

The couple had actually video-taped their speeches and had them projected on the screens in the ballroom. What a great idea! 🙂 It made the guests feel so at home.

Qiuyun and I were very honoured to be part of the beauty and joy that was evident that day. Here’s wishing Madeline and Kazae a beautiful and everlasting union.

Band: Judy, Qiuyun


Fly Me To The Moon (1st march-in), Fallen, Love Me, And I Love You So, It Might Be You, Bewitched Bothered Bewildered, Dream A Little Dream, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, 最好的事 (The Best Thing), Like (Original song written by bride)

L-O-V-E (2nd march-in), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), More Than Words, How Deep Is Your Love, 太聪明 (Too Clever), Love Song, 幸福的预感 (Intuition Of Happiness), Still, If, Cest Si Bon, Have I Told You Lately, You Raise Me Up

Compliments from Madeline:


Thanks for the wonderful performance today!

Judee was a real blessing, my guests commented that she has 气质 and sang beautifully..

Also really thankful she managed to learn our song in such a short time!

Thanks again! ^^

Songs To Recommend:

太聪明 (Too Clever)

幸福的预感 (Intuition Of Happiness)