Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Over The Rainbow

One of the highlights of Marc and Sherlyn’s wedding had got to be the best man’s speech,  who revealed a very interesting anecdote about the couple (well actually it was more about Marc). Back in the days when he and Marc were both in London while walking along River Thames, he made a casual remark about how Marc could get along with Sherlyn, only to get a response from Marc 10 minutes later after the walk, “Yah”. That might just make the longest time taken for a response in the Guinness World of Records!

With Edward and Feri on piano and guitar respectively, we worked our first song “Built To Last” with the all familiar rift of the song to cue the 1st march-in. I see quite a number of guests turning their heads to look at us while we perform the 1st march-in song; it never fails to amuse me that live bands are still a novelty among Singaporeans’ weddings!

The guests that evening were rather reserved and I was at first rather worried that the songs were not up to their taste. To my pleasant surprise, while we were packing up after the performance, a man approached me and said “Hi, you guys are great! My table of friends and I are your fans!”. I was lost for words for a moment because I definitely would not have known that if he had not come up to me. Moral of the story is: please give your applause to a band if you appreciate their music, don’t scare the performers! 🙂

And since all good things come in double, another guest soon came up to us and asked for our contacts. Ah, the reserved nature of the Singaporeans!

The song that I relished singing that evening was the theme song from Friends. Can you believe that this is my first time singing “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts in all these years of wedding-singing?

All in all, Edward, Feri and I enjoyed singing the songs picked by Marc and Sherlyn, it’s interesting how Edward rightly relished playing “Everything In Its Time” (since it’s a piano piece) but Feri relished playing “Heaven” (it’s not even a guitar piece!). I think my favourite for that evening has got to be the medley of “Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World” because I just picked up the ukulele! 🙂

Our heartiest congratulations to Marc and Sherlyn for finally tying the knot after the marathon of dating! Like what the Carpenters sung “We’ve only just begun”, let this be the birth of a wonderful road ahead!

L-R: Bevlyn, Sherlyn, Marc, Feri & Edward
Band: Bevlyn, Feri & Edward

Build to Last (1st March-in), Kiss Me, L-O-V-E, Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World (Medley), Beyond The Sea, The Way You Look Tonight, As Time Goes By, We’ve Only Just Begun, Unforgettable, La Vie En Rose, Everything, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

Bubbly, Shakespeare In Love, Just The Way You Are, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), Heaven, This Is The Day, I’ll Be There For You (Friends’ Theme), At Your Side, Everything In Its Time, 写一首歌 (Write A Song), Time After Time.

Compliments from Marc & Sherlyn:

Hi Bevlyn and team,

Many thanks for your performance at our wedding dinner last night!

Almost every table we went to (while talking to our guests) mentioned how fantastic you guys were. The older generation enjoyed their generation of songs and our peers were equally impressed. Everyone really enjoyed your group’s performance. Most were initially amazed at how we managed to have friends who could sing and play so well 🙂

Both of us (and definitely our guests as well) thoroughly enjoyed it. It certainly made our dinner much more memorable. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves too.
So once again thanks for making it so special and wishing you all the best!
Thanks and regards,
Sherlyn & Marc