Matthew’s Thought’s: Strawberries + Freshly Whipped Cream + Brown Sugar + Hot Chocolate Fudge

Rather than having peanuts/potato chips at their reception, this wonderful couple decided to opt for something a little more special: picture a HUGE ice-sculpture, filled with, well, ICE, and pile on 20,000 fresh strawberries, with their irritating green leaves still attached, laid beside a serving table that has little dessert plates, which you then add generous servings of freshly whipped cream (it’s imported from Heaven, so it’s probably non-fat as well.), melted hot chocolate fudge, and brown sugar.

I’ve been taught very seriously by the best man Justiin (not typo, and he’s the bride’s brother, and our new best friend.) that you’re supposed to take 1 x strawberry in 1 hand, peel off the green crop of leave/stem thingy on the top, and then skewer it with the stick, and either dunk it into the hot fudge, or the cream.

Should you choose the cream path, you’ll need to proceed to the brown sugar. Whichever you choose, it ends up in your mouth. And the result is heavenly. Much like the music we made last night! Which is actually what I’m supposed to blog about.

From the start, you know it’s gonna be a really relaxed and cool dinner, right from the intimate setting (euphemism for 16 tables only.) with a guest list of close friends and relatives, to having your own aunt as the Justice of Peace to officiate the solemnization!

So as casual as it was, it was also beautiful and elegant. With the ceremony starting at 7.45pm, everything went like clockwork and ended at 10.15pm! (good news for all who have work the next day.)

Also, the couple made their gratitude to their parents very clear, by ending their speech with a song “You Raise Me Up” (Judee sang) dedicated to them, while presenting them with flowers. Nice. At this point of time I’m STILL thinking of the strawberries outside the ballroom.

Band: Judy, Matthew, Jonathan Lim

L-R: Judy, Matthew, Jonathan Lim (photo courtesy of Lighted Pixels)

Can’t Help Falling In Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Close To You, Eternal Flame, From This Moment, Grow Old With You, Have I Told You Lately, It Might Be You, Just The Way You Are, La Vie En Rose, Longer

Fallen (2nd March-in Song), You Raise Me Up, Loving You, Someone to Watch Over Me, Time After Time, We’ve Only Just Begun, When You Tell Me That You Love Me, L-O-V-E, Besame Mucho

Compliments from Justin & Merilyn:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Sorry we replied so late.. thanks for arranging everything (we’re still amazed you check your email seemingly every minute of the day!)

Please help us say a big thank you to the band (Judy, Matthew & Jonathan) for their great performance at our dinner, especially at such short notice!

Wouldn’t have known what to do for that first walk-in if Judy hadn’t helped us out. 🙂

Will definitely send you the pictures once we get them from Kelvin!

Jus & Merilyn

p.s. We’re glad the band liked the strawberries.. we did too!