Bevlyn’s Thoughts: That’s Amore

This wedding marks the first time I witness an emcee speaking in Hokkien for more than 80% of the time (the 20% was in English)! Emcee, Eugene, is a good friend of the couple, and hearing him address the guests and explain everything in Hokkien just warmed my heart – I’m happy to say that I understood everything (contextually) he said!

The 1st march-in song was a romantic tune called ‘That’s Amore’ and the couple had requested for the band tp perform it ‘live;’, Eugene requested for everyone to sit down while the couple marches in so that everyone could see Ah Hya’s bride clearly, whom he described as ‘jin2 jiah4 sui4’!

After a very interesting speech by the bestman Merril (who has known Ron for 24 years!), another great friend of Ronny, Angela, presented a special wedding gift – by singing and playing two songs! Angela explained before performing ‘I wish you love’, and ‘Moon River’, that she had not volunteered to perform – Ronny had wanted her to perform 10 songs, she relented and finally agreed on 2! The performance was to be her first and her last, and all for the sake of a friend whom she’d known half her life and, because Ronny has found The One in Huiwen. That performance certainly made Ronny and Huiwen’s wedding all the more memorable 🙂

One thing which cracked me up was the wedding highlights of the customary wedding – the brothers were all dressed in blue denim suspenders and yellow polos (except for an aunt, who was had a red polo on instead – maybe the matchmaker?). The montage drew laughter from the crowd when we saw one of the brothers posing with a saw (!!??!)

Our warmest Congratulations to Ronnie and Huiwen for having a wedding with so much personal touches. May you have a wonderful married life ahead with much joy and, laughter!

L-R: James, Ronny, Huiwen, Bevlyn & Melvin

Band: Bevlyn, James, Melvin & Fabian


That’s Amore (1st March-in), Fallen, Grow Old With You, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 但願人長久 (May We Be Together Forever), 喜歡你 (Liking You), Dream A Little Dream, Love Will Keep Us Alive, When You Say Nothing At All, Wishin’ & Hopin’, Close To You, 恋爱-ing (In Love-ing), 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal)

My Girl (2nd March-in), Just The Way You Are, 喜欢 (Liking), 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), 我只在乎你 (You’re The One I Care About), 一见你就笑 (You Make Me Smile), Two Is Better Than One, Quando quando quando, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple)