Hui Bing’s Thoughts – So Nice

Hmmm some of the many reasons why I like performing at weddings. They are heartwarming, happy occasions. Some of the songs which we performed may have a significance to the couple or even the guests.  Performing great songs with like-minded musician-friends. And of course, enlivening up the other-wise standard dinner programme and knowing that we have contributed one way in another to the overall ambience to the wedding. 🙂

So when TJ and Sandra confirmed the band only a day before their big day, I didn’t hesitate to take it up. And as the couple did not select a songlist in advance, Matthew and I decided on songs from the top 50 jazz and love ballads which we hoped the guests will like.

Minutes before their second march-in, Sandra and TJ had a request for us to perform ‘Have I told you lately’ live. Fortunately, Matt had a memory of a 100mb RAM computer. He scribbled out the lyrics for me and we were able to perform this song, to what TJ and Sandra had wanted for their second entrance.

Congratulations, TJ and Sandra!

L-R: Fabian, Matthew, TJ, Sandra, Huibing


Band: Hui Bing, Matthew and Fabian

Compliments from Couple:


We had a great time and even greater music.

Huibing and the others are just perfect. Thank you!