Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Maria and Shunjie got to know each other when they were studying in Brisbane, Australia. Even though Shunjie seemed the quiet, studious type, he made the first move (good for you!) by sending her an e-mail.

Soon, they were having coffee after class and meals all the time. Another ‘excuse’ Shunjie used to spend more time with Maria was to help her with Chinese since she was studying that subject. Shunjie’s efforts paid off – they were together in Dec 2007 after only three months. When I asked Shunjie what he loved about Maria, he had this to say, “Maria’s a really genuine person. Very humble and kind and confortable to talk. She’s special and that’s what I love about her.”

I love the fact that Shunjie and Maria put some thought into their wedding song list, and made some dedications:

(i) Towa ni Tomo ni by Kobukuro was dedicated to all their Japanese guests

(ii) 100 years by Five For Fighting was meant for all their friends, especially birthday boys Winston & CK

(iii) Let It Be by Beatles was specially picked for Shunjie’s family because liked this song

Ariel and I really enjoyed all the above songs. We also had the privilege of having Jordan Wei on the piano. Jordan’s a gifted jazz pianist, and it was our first gig together. I think Ariel must have surprised Jordan because she challenged him to play Somewhere Over The Rainbow in a Latin style! I’d never heard this song done in anything remotely like the samba beat Jordan conjured up, and it worked! What fun!

Congratulations, Shunjie and Maria! Thank you for having us!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Ariel, Jordan


Canon in D (1st March in), Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Cake Cutting Song), Towa Ni Tomo Ni, 100 Years, Your Song, What A Wonderful World, Sometimes When We Touch, 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day), Let It Be, 世界唯一的你 (The Only You On Earth)

Open Arms, Can You Celebrate, 至少还有你 (At Least I Have You), L-O-V-E, 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), Somewhere Out There, How Do I Live, When You Say Nothing At All, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Fly Me To The Moon, Close To You

Compliments from Shunjie:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Thanks for the great perfomance at our wedding.

Sorry for not having the chance to thank you guys after the dinner. Many of our guests, including Maria and I enjoyed the songs by you and Ariel.

We will send you guys the photos once they are ready. Thank you once again for professional perfomance that you guys put up.