Bevlyn’s thoughts:  You’ll Be In My Heart

Wah Kon and Ching got to know each other through friends while studying in Melbourne, Australia. Through an adorable animation clip, the couple shared their love story with the guests – after dinner one evening, Wah Kon’s friend discovered that he had a flat tire. As fate would allow, Wah Kon recalled that Ching drove the same model as his friend. So he got Ching’s contact number through a mutual friend and sought her help. Soon after, Ching ‘went to the rescue’. Since that evening, Wah Kon called her every night. The rest was, as they would say, history.

The wedding affair was certainly not an easy one because Wah Kon had to organise 3 different weddings at 3 different countries – Australia, Thailand, and Singapore. We were indeed flattered to be part of the celebration. Wah Kon specifically wanted a piano and a bassist to accompany my singing, and I have to say I feel refreshed by this combination of accompaniment. All thanks to Ching, because a Thai singer-friend of hers recommended this setup to her. I would strongly suggest this combination to couples who are looking out good groove!. For a start, Wah Yong’s bass is a show-stealer:

The couple gave the wedding a good thought – other than engaging a live band to entertain the guests, they also played a video clip of their wedding celebration in Thailand, giving the Singaporean guests a glimpse of the couple’s joy on the actual day.  They even gave customised door gifts with cartoon-drawing of their faces!

The couple’s friend Su Ann, being a professional recording engineer, also volunteered to record the performance down. I was surprised by his professional condensor mic-up for the baby grand piano, and he even got me a condensor mic! All the barang was impressive stuff. The recording stressed us a little haha, but it was nevertheless a great experience 🙂


Bevlyn on vocal, James on piano, Wah Yong on bass


Everything, Because You Loved Me , 宝贝 (Babe), Always You, Happy Together, I Love The Way You Love Me, 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), Love Will Keep Us Alive, Now And Forever, Stand By Me,  給我一個吻 (Give Me A Kiss)

It Had To Be You, You’ll Be In My Heart, When You Tell Me That You Love Me , 喜欢你 (Liking you), Just The Way You Are, From This Moment,  兩只恋人 (Two Lovers), Valentine, 我要你的爱 (I Want Your Love)

Song To Recommend:

You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins – The breezy groove and modulation of the song make it a classic on its own.