Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: Love And Marriage

Just four days before the wedding, Yukai was experiencing a panic attack. The guest list was not finalised, her thank-you speech was unpolished, and she wasn’t sure if her gown would look good on her.

Four days later, she was a picture of serenity, poise and beauty. She was radiant, and I rushed up to her and exclaimed, “You look so thin!” (Hmm, maybe she lost weight due to fretting and worrying she had to go through prior to the wedding.)


All the planning the couple did before the wedding paid off. The celebrations got off to a beautiful start, thanks to the slideshow of photographs taken by the award-winning, endlessly inventive Wan Sheng. I could tell many guests were really impressed by the quality of the images, judging by soft gasps whenever a particularly stunning photograph was shown. (Like the two below)

I also remember Yukai’s eloquent speech. I don’t know if Yukai edited it in the four days leading up to the wedding, but she showed off her command of English and Mandarin to great effect. She used metaphors liberally when describing her parents — her dad was like a “mountain”, steadfast and dependable; her mom’s love was like a “flowing river” that refreshes the soul.

Talking about Yukai’s mom, she also happens to be my Secondary School teacher! It had been more than a decade since I left Secondary School, and I was amazed that she could still remember me! She hadn’t aged a bit; I had a great time catching up with her, and updating her with news about my classmates.

Congratulations Yukai and Wee Siong! Thank you so much for engaging us for your wedding. We had a blast performing for you and your guests!


P.S. I was looking forward to performing at Yukai’s wedding because I knew I’d meet Pei Fen and Candice, and I wanted to surprise them with a song they both liked. The song was The Way You Look At Me, and I got James to learn it just for this occasion! Pei Fen said my performance “brought back so many memories” for her!

Band: Bevlyn, Hsin Yeow, James & Jon Lim


At Last (1st March-in), Let There Be Love (1st Dish Song), La Vie En Rose, Moon River, It Had To Be You, L-O-V-E, Feeling So Good, Love And Marriage, Something About You, All You Need Is Love, C’est Si Bon

Isn’t She Lovely (2nd March-in), Everything, Can’t Smile Without You, Just The Way You Are, What A Wonderful World, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Summer Samba (So Nice), You And Me, Cheek To Cheek, Come Fly With Me, This Will Be

Song to Recommend:

Love And Marriage – The lyrics are anachronistic in today’s context, to be sure, but it’s a really fun song to sing!