Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: One Small Umbrella

Love works in mysterious ways. When Pei Shan and her friend were applying to stay in the NTU Halls, they initially wanted Hall 3. Fortunately for Adrian, Pei Shan was admitted into Hall 2 instead.

Adrian and Pei Shan met during the hostel’s freshman orientation camp. As a senior, Adrian was in charge of guiding his juniors to complete certain tasks as part of the fun and games at orientation.

For one particular challenge, Adrian guided the blindfolded Pei Shan by taking her hand, and sitting down with her to talk. Pei Shan remembered it was the first contact they had.

After the camp, there were several group outings but Adrian and Pei Shan didn’t meet up for those. Luck showed her hand again, for Pei Shan’s friend stayed in the same block as Adrian so when Pei Shan visited, she began to bump into Adrian and started to develop a friendship with him. Love blossomed.


I had the most wonderful time performing at Adrian and Pei Shan’s wedding. As the emcee, I easily inserted bits of their love story into the songs I was about to sing.

For example, Pei Shan’s silent appreciation of her engagement ring became fodder for “When You Say Nothing At All”. Judy and I also sang two Hokkien songs for their parents. They were very well received.

The biggest surprise of the lunch reception came from Adrian and Pei Shan themselves. Instead of a conventional thank-you speech, they created a tongue-in-cheek video of themselves dancing crazily to entertain the guests. It was a total blast!

Thank you Pei Shan and Adrian! It was a privilege to be part of your wedding celebrations! Congratulations once again!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Judy, Matthew, Fabian


L-R: Matthew, Judy, Pei Shan, Adrian, Hsin Yeow, Fabian

All photos in this entry were taken by ASKgallery.

Thanks for sending us the lovely photos!


Wedding March (1st March), Sway, When You Say Nothing At All, Strangers In The Night, 私奔到月球 (Escape To The Moon), 一支小雨傘 (One Small Umbrella), Close To You, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Accidentally In Love, 一个像夏天一个像秋天 (One Is Like Summer, The Other Like Autumn), No Matter What

Perfect Moment (2nd March), 我问天 (I’m Asking The Sky), Dream A Little Dream, 最动听 (The Most Beautiful Song), 1234, That’s When I Love You, 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), L-O-V-E, Something Stupid, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Yesterday Once More