Josephine’s thoughts: Our Love Is Here To Stay

The devil is in the detail, which is perhaps why I found the wedding of Dexter and Elisabeth last Sunday so devilishly divine.

Held in the beautiful Fullerton, rooftop cocktails accompanied by an evening view of the old city segued into dinner in the charming Straits Room one floor and gilded-elevator ride below. Guests were dressed to impress in tasteful cocktail outfits, and took their seats as among the select few close friends, colleagues and relatives to grace this cosy wedding gathering. Each table was gracefully furnished with everything necessary to make them complete, including wedding favours in the form of wedlock-themed luggage tags or minature music-boxes that chimed La Vie En Rose, all of which set off a mild scuffle among the ladies for the favours of choice.

With everything running smooth as clockwork, the stars of the evening were introduced in a beautifully put together video montage at 740pm, were announced at 745 and entered the hall immediately after, Dexter suave in a suit and Elisabeth floating on a cloud of white chiffon to their seats…I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bride carry off what could have become ostentatious couture so well, but the beautiful Elisabeth definitely did, to thunderous cheers and applause from the genuinely delighted guests!

Dinner was served, with each course pre-ladled into serving bowls, and the band was struck up…that’s us, being myself on vocals, Adeline on the lovely Fullerton piano, Wah Yong providing bass on the bass, and Shawn on his stunning collection of percussion instruments complete with djembe, all playing Elisabeth’s thoughtful, and very varied selection of love songs.

It was lovely to do jazz numbers which definitely couldn’t be called ‘standards’ and a minute later do pop, Queen’s rock numbers, and then Chinese and Hokkien songs, though the favourite of Dexter’s family was definitely 一人一半 (One Half) in Hokkien, the performance of which was followed by clamours for more! Personally, the band would like to commend this couple’s taste which we very much share, and from the warm support of the rest of the guests, we hope they did as well!

As the dinner proceeded and with videos of the brothers doing star-jumps, yam sengs, and Dexter and Elisabeth’s very moving speeches, the charming mood of the Straits Room gave way to increasingly relaxed merriment, and we were very infected by the laughter and whooping of the brothers and sisters and especially of one lovely female relative with funky hair sitting right in front of our band setup, who determinedly harangued Dexter with cries of ‘Handsome Boy!’ and “Kiss Her!’ all of which we highly agreed with.

Band: Josephine, Adeline, Wah Yong & Shawn


(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Look of Love, So Nice, L-O-V-E, Our Love Is Here To Stay, Let There Be Love, Turn Me On, I’ll Be Your Baby, Beyond The Sea, Honey Honey, Close to You, I Wanna Be With You, I Think I Love You, 至少还有你 (At Least I Have You), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 一人一半 (One Half), 出嫁 (Marrying), Fly Me To The Moon, Girl from Ipanema.

Compliments: Thank You!
Josephine, Adeline, Wah Yong and Shawn,It was really great having you that night!!!

Josephine, I fell in love with your voice the moment I heard your sample and I knew we definitely had to have you sing for us. We only realised later you act too, and do both equally well 🙂

It was really fun and the atmosphere was great with the music! You guys got da groove 😀

THANK YOU for giving us a night to remember !!

Bevlyn, Thank you also for the prompt responses always 🙂

Yours truly,
Dexter and Elisabeth