Bevlyn’s thoughts: Come Fly With Me

27 Oct 2009 not only marked Ing Jen and Ashley’s 5th year anniversary together, it also turned a page to the next chapter of their love life – as husband and wife. They met in Hawaii’ as they went to the same university, did homework together at Starbucks, and eventually fell in love with each other. In the couples’ own words:

Jen: The moment I saw her felt that she is the one and the more I get to know her I knew I was correct for the start. She is exceptionally beautiful both on the outside and inside…. She is more of the most amazing person I have met.

Ashley: The longer I spend time with him, I was quite certain that he is the one who I’ve been waiting for. We took care of each other while we study in Hawaii’ and made a lot of lovely memories. We had long distance relationship after Jen graduated and went back to Singapore. During that period, our relationship grew stronger and made me feel once again how important he is in my life.

The band started off by dedicating the song “I Owe You” by Lee Greenwood to Ashley’s mother, on behalf of Ashley. It is a song really suitable to dedicate to parents:

Another song the guests (especially the Koreans) enjoyed is Try To Remember. Personally, this song gives me the goosebumps!

We ended the performance with this popular number (much to the delight of the Koreans who clapped when they recognised the song at the beginning):

Nobody (Wondergirls):
(N.B. this is not a suitable wedding song cos of the lyrics, but if you like the groove, well, we can do it!)

The couple also shared a photo montage of their wedding reception in Korea, and for their 3rd march-in, the couple was dressed in the Korean  traditional wedding costumes, a rare sight to behold here in Singapore. 

L-R: Bevlyn, Ing Jen, Ashley, James, Fabian & a pretty little girl!

Congratulations to Ashley and Ing Jen! We’d also like to thank Kim and her team from Wedding Concierge for the wonderful organisation!


All photos courtesy of “9Frames Wedding”. For more info on our tie-up promotions, pls go to here.
Band: Bevlyn, James, Fabian


I Owe You, Let There be Love, For No Reason, Close to You, Try to remember, So Nice, How Deep is Your Love, Cheek to Cheek, You Are so Beautiful, When You Say Nothing At All, If I Ain’t Got You, I’m Yours

Come Fly With Me (2nd march-in), L-O-V-E, Everything, What a Wonderful World, Lost in Paradise, That’s All, Nobody, For Once In My Life, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Compliments from Ashley:

Dear Bevlyn,


Hi Bevlyn, this is Ashley Kang. My wedding was held @ Fullerton Hotel on Oct 27. We would like to thank you and “A little Dream” for the fantastic performance. My Mum loved the song that you dedicated on behalf of me, “I owe you”. 2nd march-in song, “Come fly with me” was so beautiful and I could not stop smiling during the march-in. Especially, “No body” really made everyone so excited. Some of my friends are getting married next year and I will definitely recommend “A Little Dream” for their most important day.  You were really a great vocalist as well as emcee.

I Wish you all the best and have a lovely Christmas!


p.s. I loved your hot pink dress! Gorgeous!




Ashley Kang