Having been through the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship for about 2 years (between UK and Singapore), both Jane and Eng Seng learnt to cherish each other and the relationship even more.
Proposal Story:
In June 2017, both of them took some time to travel around the UK and Eng Seng proposed to Jane when they were in Dundee ( a small city in the UK). Though it was a simple proposal with just the two of them, it was a very heartfelt one – Eng Seng got on one knee and asked Jane to marry him  (with the funny episode of him forgetting to buy the flowers, so he had to rush to the nearest Tesco supermarket to buy the roses. But it didn’t end there, Eng Seng bought Jane another bouquet of pink roses the next morning before we set off for a road trip.
Thank you for engaging Junxiong to be your wedding emcee. We wish you an everlasting love and many more exciting adventures around the globe !!