Bevlyn’s thoughts: I’ll Stand By You

This is the first wedding I’ve heard any couple use the song <<矜持>> (Reserved) by Faye Wong as their march-in song. Even though I love this song to bits, I suggested to Jason to play the CD because I know no one can sing like Faye Wong. And the effects was magical. Instead of having songs with a ‘bang’ for the march-in, the couple took it down, and made the march-in an intimate one.

I think Singaporean couples are getting more creative with their wedding cake:


The couple had chosen not to have a 2nd march-in, so they had so much more time to mingle and catch up with their guests. Zhengquan and I particularly enjoyed the song choices made by the couple; Jason had picked out some slow-rock favourites like “Two Steps Behind”, “I’ll Stand By You”, “I Don’t Wanna Miss A thing”,  and I sang a Japanese song “Sakurazaka” for Huimin because it is one of her favourites. Even though some of the songs were ambiguous for weddings (eg. Promise Me), Jason and Huimin did not mind, and we had a fun time singing them.And of course, how could we miss out the on-the-spot photos taken and flashed onto the big screen by LiveStudios! Here’s one of them:


L-R: Zhengquan, Ein EIn, Huimin, Jason, Bevlyn, Ji Xiang


Band: Bevlyn, Zhengquan, Ein Ein, Jixiang


Your Love, It Might Be You, Promise Me, Love Will Keep Us Alive, 我愿意 (I”m Willing), 追 (Chase), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), Fly Me To The Moon, Eternal Flame, I’ll Stand By You, 我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You)

Valentine, Two Steps Behind, 夜的诗人 (Poet Of The NIght), I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing), 家后 (Queen Of The House), 真的爱你 (I Really Love You), 至少还有你 (At Least There Is You), 春泥 (Spring Earth), Sakurazaka, I’ve Finally Found Someone

Songs To Recommend:

夜的诗人: (Poet Of The Night)

This lullaby-sounding tune speaks of love in a melancholic fashion, but it is such a well-like song the banquet manager came around and asked me for the song title!

真的爱你: (I Really Love You)

This is the song to dedicate to your parents to show your gratitude to them (even more appropriately if they’re Cantonese).

Two Steps Behind (Def Leppard):

This is the perfect song to dedicate to the friends who have helped you with your big day.