Eleanor – Photos courtesy of Tinydot Photography
Hsin Yeow
Band: Hsin Yeow, Eleanor, Julian & Dominic

L-R: Hsin Yeow, Joseph, Jess, Eleanor & Julian

Wedding March (1st March-in), I Finally Found Someone (2nd March-in), I’m Yours, Por Amarte, Wonderful Tonight, Truly Madly Deeply, A Love Until the End of Time, Eyes on Me, Fly Me to the Moon, Sway, Love, Me, Perhaps Love, Quando Quando Quando, When You Tell Me that You Love Me, Close to You, Love Changes Everything, Amigos Para Siempre, And I Love You So, I Will be Here, I Will Sing of Your Love Forever, Give Me Forever (I Do), You Raise Me Up, The Prayer, I Believe, 爱是永恒 (Love is Eternal)

Songs to Recommend:

Por Amarte

A Love Until The End of Time

Love Changes Everything

Amigos Para Siempre